Brittany Middendorf

Brittany Middendorf was born and raised in the Southern Indiana city of Evansville where she lived with her mother Cindy and father Eric. Brittany graduated with Cum Laude from Harrison High School in 2007. After she graduated from high school, she then attended college at University of Southern Indiana. Brittany had initially started college taking courses for nursing, and then switched her major to elementary education. After she had finished her first two years for a major in elementary education, Brittany knew that she wasn’t happy with the decision that she had made. She then found her love for social work and helping people in need. Brittany graduated with my bachelor’s degree in social work in 2014 and went directly back for her master’s degree. Brittany completed her master’s degree in social work with a 4.0 in July of 2015. After Brittany graduated with her degree, a position was created for her at Brentwood Meadows, where she had been an intern, in Newburgh Indiana as an inpatient therapist. As a therapist she conducted psychoeducational groups, met with patients one on one, led family sessions, and completed treatment planning. She has a passion to work with substance abuse and mental health. She feels like working in this field is a place where she need to be. Brittany moved to Louisville, KY at the beginning of March to start my career with American Addiction Centers. She has fallen in love with the company and what they stand for. Brittany is proud to be a Treatment Consultant for such a wonderful place.

Brittany is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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