Charles Cockrell

Charles Cockrell is a Treatment Consultant for The Mid-Atlantic Region of American Addiction Centers for approx. 3-1/2 Years. He was originally added to the TSN team just prior to “the marriage” with AAC. Charles, joking referred to as, “The Mayor of Baltimore”, Has been passionately involved with the treatment of addiction and behavioral health issues, in a sundry of capacities, since 1983. As a Proud Member of the AAC Team, He is constantly “delivering ” the professional message and Mission of American Addiction Centers. Charles is a life-long resident, of Baltimore and is deeply involved in the “Recovering Community” and is a member of several Professional Organizations. He has been in recovery, ” a day at a time”, since 1981and strongly believes, “Any Individual can achieve consistent recovery with complete surrender, 0DAT”. Charles is a very proud parent of a daughter, April and an equally proud “OUMPA” ( grandfather) of Autumn, who is 2 years old.

Charles is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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