Dean Jewell

After 35 years in Recovery I decided to embark in full time recovery work. My passion is helping others to enjoy the sober life I have been given. It is the result of others being willing to help me. While I’ve been engaged in helping others for a long time, I have transitioned to full time work with addicts and alcoholics. I believe what God has done for me Demands a response. Full time work in recovery is that response. I believe many people with drug and alcohol problems are unable, unaware, or unwilling to acknowledge, accept and take the necessary steps to begin a life of recovery. I am uniquely qualified to network with those who come in contact with people who have overdosed, lost jobs, relationships, and “themselves” due to drugs and alcohol. Meeting with medical / mental health professionals, counselors, sober living facilities, substance abuse treatment providers And Anyone touched by addiction, gives me the opportunity to live out my passions. My work life is filled with living out my passions. I am engaged on a daily basis helping people get into treatment for drug and alcohol abuse problems. I am positioned to help the addict/alcoholic and their family get into the best recovery program available.

Dean is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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