Julie Burleson

Julie Burleson is located in the Anderson/Greenville South Carolina area. Julie has a background in Nursing. As a nurse, Julie has served the Anderson/Greenville/Greenwood area. Her specialty in nursing includes Intensive Care Nursing, Emergency Care Nursing, Hospice Nursing and Wellness Nursing. Julie is also in recovery. She proudly announces her recovery of six years and feels the need to give back to her community. Helping others to persue the life of sobriety is something that Julie is dedicated to. Being in recovery, Julie knows the daily struggles of addiction and the struggles that come with accepting a life of sobriety. There is no question or concern that she cannot help you with. Along with being in recovery, Julie is an active participant in her regular community AA/NA meetings. She is also an advocate of the SCRPP program. Julie attends regular board meetings that are designed to help other professionals struggling with substance abuse issues. It is Julies goal to target professionals that relate to substance abuse issues and guide them to help. In addition to helping others with substance abuse issues, Julie is also a local cheerleading coach and is a certified personal trainer. Her goals in coaching and training others are her way of instilling healthy and positive behaviors towards a sober life.

Julie is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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