Nick Dye

“My goal every day is to help one person find freedom from active addiction,” Dye said. Nick knows firsthand the gift of achieving freedom from active addiction. For over 15 years addiction had Nick tied up in chains. According to Dye, his life was miserable — he didn’t know on a daily basis whether he was going to survive. Now in recovery he experiences that freedom which he’s never known. “I live by today, and am able to actually live and enjoy what life has to offer,” Dye says. “I am so thankful for this gift.” In receiving the gift of recovery, Dye hopes to pay it forward as a treatment consultant at AAC. He brings to the table an unwavering dedication to those afflicted by addiction particularly in a city like Chicago that has been gravely affected by heroin abuse. Professionally now I can go out in the local community and forge relationships that ultimately help save lives,” Dye says. “American Addiction Centers has the resources and tools to allow me to do this on a daily basis.”

Nick is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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