Peter Maldonado

South Houston Territory

Peter is very much involved in the recovery community in Austin, TX with different kinds of 12 step
fellowships. He has experiences with sponsoring as well as being a sponsee and continues to practice daily growth through various kinds of spiritual, mental, and physical exercise. Peter’s journey into the recovery field started on 2009 in Austin, TX. Peter volunteered at a detox center for several months before starting his career in the field. Peter is able to relate and empathize with addicts due to having personal experience with being in and out of treatment.
Peter is excited and enthusiastic about his new role as a Treatment Consultant for American Addiction Centers covering the Austin and Houston areas. He a member of the Texas Association of Addiction Professionals and he volunteers as a speaker educating professionals about the disease of addiction. Peter is also pursuing a certification to be a Yoga instructor to lead people in recovery with a way to bridge the gap between spiritual meditation and physical exercise.

Peter is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program

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