4 Dangerous Myths About Drugs

February 19, 2014

Some of the people who end up in drug rehab may do so because they did not understand how dangerous drugs can be for them. There are many myths out there about the illicit substances, and if people believe them then the consequences can be tragic. Here are some of the most damaging myths about drugs that need to be debunked.

1. Legal drugs are safe

Discovery pointed out that this is a particularly dangerous myth because many things that have been approved for use by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration can be very harmful if they are used against a doctor’s recommendation. People need to understand that they can overdose on prescription pills, just as they can overdose on cocaine or heroin. The news source explained that unintentional overdoses on opioid pain relievers have quadrupled since 1999, which suggests that some people may not realize just how dangerous these drugs can be.

2. If people snort a drug it is less dangerous than injecting it

The Drug Free Action Alliance explained that some individuals seem to be under the impression that sniffing heroin is safe compared to injecting it because it does not involve needles. However, heroin is incredibly dangerous whether it is snorted and injected, as is cocaine.

3. Drug tests can be tricked

Some people do drugs even if they are going to get drug tested, because they believe that there are ways that they can trick a drug test. When they do this, not only are they potentially putting their health at risk, they are also putting their jobs and livelihoods at risk, which is why this is a dangerous myth. Discovery spoke to officials from drug testing agencies who said that while certain tricks such as using animal urine or trying to dilute the sample may have worked in the past, drug tests have become much more sophisticated and are much harder to trick.

4. If you are in pain, take more pills

The Cleveland Clinic explained that even if people are being prescribed pills by a doctor, that does not mean they can take as many of them as they want. A doctor prescribes a certain amount of painkillers for a reason – because that is the safe amount for people to take and they should follow his advice.

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