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Episode 24: Kylie

In Episode 24 Kylie talks about the effect meetings have had in her recovery — how she learned more about herself and finally accepted that she had a problem with alcohol.

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Episode 23: Jim

In Episode 23, Jim talks about how he used the 12-Steps to get him through relapse and navigate every day in his personal commitment to doing the next right thing.

Episode 22: Adrian

In Episode 22, Adrian talks about how treatment made him start to accept who he was on the inside.

Episode 21: Chris

In Episode 21, Chris talks about his recovery and how he uses his story to offer those who are struggling with addiction, the hope that he found when he got sober.

Episode 20: Jimmy – Part 2

In Episode 20, Jimmy talks about how treatment has brought him much closer to his family, especially his son.

Episode 20: Jimmy – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 20, Jimmy talks about the effect substance abuse had on his work and life, and the treatment that has now allowed him to do things for himself.

Episode 19: Traci – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 19, Traci talks about how her son has been a true blessing in her recovery.

Episode 19: Traci – Part 1

In Part I of Episode 19, Traci talks about how she fell into her substance abuse to get away from the physical and emotional pain in her life. 

Episode 18: Alexandria

In Episode 18, Alexandria talks about the benefits of a really good support system, in treatment and now during recovery.

Episode 17: Tim

In Episode 17, Tim talks about how his recovery has afforded him the opportunity to give countless others a voice to express themselves.

Episode 16: Chris

In Episode16, Chris talks about how growing up as a child he felt like he was always on his own. Going through treatment he realized that was not the case. Now through his career he helps people who find themselves in the same situation that he once was.

Episode 15: Maggie

In Episode 15, Maggie talks about how her addiction was her best friend and how, through treatment, she was able to let go and be as free as she’s ever been.

Episode 14: Alex

In Episode 14 of Far From Finished, Alex talks about how treatment made her feel like she wasn’t alone and that she had a purpose in life.

Episode 13: Nicole

In Episode 13 of Far From Finished, Nicole talks about how she immersed herself in fellowship and treatment. She discusses how she has used that to pay it forward in her life especially in her career.

Episode 12: Craig

In Episode 12 of Far From Finished, Craig talks about the lasting impact that treatment has been able to provide in his life.

Episode 11: Jerald

In Episode 11 of Far From Finished, Jerald talks about how his life became unmanageable in addiction. With treatment he now lives a fuller life in recovery with his extended family and his recovery family.

Episode 10: Kevin

In Episode 10 of Far From Finished, Kevin talks about how his recovery has been a blessing — helping him, his family and also his career.

Episode 9: Ben

In episode nine of Far From Finished Ben talks about how he fell into the throes of addiction at an early age. Stuck in an endless cycle with his addiction, Ben shares what finally drove him to get the help that he deserved.

Episode 8: Justin

In Episode Eight of Far From Finished, Justin talks about the long process he underwent to achieve sobriety and the sober community that has changed his life for the better.

Episode 7: Sara

In episode seven of Far From Finished, Sara talks about how anxiety and depression led her towards addiction, reaching a point where she could not live without anything mind altering such as alcohol. By fully committing to recovery, Sara has achieved the happiness that she deserves.

Episode 6: Scott

In this episode Scott, talks about his 20 year career as a firefighter, the drug addiction that overtook him due to his PTSD and the treatment he underwent to achieve the peace that he deserves.

Episode 5: Traci

In this episode, Traci talks about how looking for acceptance from others lead to her drug abuse, and how she learned to accept and be confident in HERSELF to stop it.

Episode 4: Josh

In this episode, Josh talks about his drug and alcohol abuse from grade school to adulthood.

Episode 3: Bobby

In this episode, Bobby shares her story of transformation, as a single mother of six, to somebody that she and her kids can be happy and proud of.

Episode 2: Tim

In this episode, Tim talks about how he went from repeatedly hurting his loved ones with his addiction, to the clean and sober man they are all proud of.

Episode 1: Jaleah

In this episode, Jaleah shares her journey from alcoholism and drug abuse during homelessness, to finding AAC and then getting clean and sober.

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