Lindsay Green

Born and raised in Duncan, Oklahoma, Lindsay Green has committed her life towards service in the field of addiction recovery as she has had the mindset of going where there is a need for her to serve. In the last three years she has opened multiple sober living houses/working in the non-profit sector in many states including Oklahoma, Texas, Oregon and New Mexico. Her time spent in competitive drama and debate has led her to develop effective ways of communication which have allowed for an area (she worked at) to thrive due to the fun/engaging atmosphere that was built. Green’s work in recovery also extends towards building unity, making service work attractive and training. Green has created numerous trainings that have been very successful in multiple areas around the country including. Green is also very skilled at communicating and creating wonderful lasting relationships with treatment professionals, residents, alumni and other staff that aid her towards getting the job done. She also excels at using innovative ideas and always brings a solution to any problem that arises. With her wealth of knowledge and expertise Green now begins a new journey with American Addiction Centers where she will be helping individuals (who are struggling with substance abuse issues) get the help they need.

Lindsay is Proudly Part of AAC's National Advocates Program
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