Thought Leadership & Treatment Innovation

AAC’s utilization of an addiction-focused laboratory is another feature that sets American Addiction Centers apart from most addiction treatment centers.


Addiction Labs is a high-tech laboratory that caters to the unique testing and monitoring challenges of addiction treatment. Addiction Labs prides itself on excellent service, speed, and accuracy. Their testing menu includes not only the latest toxicology tests, but also general clinical testing that can help diagnose, monitor, or rule-out medical concerns, as well as pharmacogenetic testing that can aid in finding the best medications for you. AAC’s medical and psychiatric providers can easily consult with toxicology experts about laboratory results, enabling thorough understanding and interpretation. Addiction Labs has industry-leading turnaround times and adheres to strict quality control protocols to ensure that results are quick and accurate.

AAC’s 3-year study on patient outcomes shows our commitment to research and that addiction treatment can have a lasting impact.

Medication Assisted Treatment

Even as a drug or alcohol addiction threatens to rewrite a person’s life, treatment options exist that can address the damage done and help the person to achieve health and balance.

While counseling and aftercare support address various mental and emotional hurdles, medications for addiction treatment can assist with breaking the physical chains of dependency cultivated by the abuse. Such medications are not without risk, but they can be very useful for helping clients overcome the pain of withdrawal in detox and giving them a less harmful alternative to the illicit drugs to which they were addicted.

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