FDA Warns Public About Kratom – KTNV Investigates with Solutions Recovery

December 1, 2017
(Las Vegas, NV)
Las Vegas’ KTNV ABC 13 interviewed David Marlon,  M.S., MBA, addictionologist, CEO of Solutions Recovery, about the dangers of Kratom use. Last week, the FDA warned the public of Kratom, citing over 30 deaths directly linked to the herbal supplement.

After a small battle last year with the DEA, Kratom is legal in Nevada. This is leading some people to think it’s safer than other drugs because it’s a natural product. People are using Kratom not only to relieve chronic pain, but also to detox from opioids. Solutions Recovery and Desert Hope treatment centers warn that is not a safe option and that opioid withdrawal can be very dangerous and should be done under medical supervision.

Marlon speaks about Kratom’s similarity to opioids and advises that anyone who is not interested in possibly becoming addicted to the herbal drug should stay away from using it.

Watch the full interview on the KTNV website by clicking here.

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