Oxford Medical Director Speaks About Impact of Opioid Litigation

May 29, 2018

Dr. Stephen Panell, medical director of Oxford Treatment Center, spoke to the Oxford Eagle about the opioid crisis and what possible litigation may mean regarding treatment.

“The thing that makes opioid use disorder so significant when compared to others is the time it takes to get over the withdrawal symptoms, worsening psychological and physiological symptoms, everything that goes on in their body,” Dr. Stephen Panell, medical director for OTC said. “For instance, it may take as long as 90 days of complete treatment and supervision before they begin to feel better. For some, depending on severity, it may take six months up to a year for them to feel ‘normal’ again.”

Panell said the opioid litigation case could lead to funding longer stays in treatment, which is key for those suffering from opioid addiction and the withdrawals that come with getting clean.

To read the entire piece, visit The Oxford Eagle here.

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