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Episode 86: Jordan (Part 2)

In Part 2 of Episode 86, Jordan talks about achieving a certain peace/settling into a place in his active recovery. Today he considers his biggest privilege to be working with people and helping them find their own experiences through recovery.

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Episode 86: Jordan (Part 1)

In Episode 86 (Pt. 1) of Far from Finished, Jordan talks about the feelings he had of being lost, even at meetings. He knew that the excessive drinking and drugs were a problem, but had no idea he was sick – physically, mentally, and spiritually. As bad as Jordan’s external circumstances got, it was never enough to throw him into sobriety.

Episode 85: Mason

In Episode 85 of Far From Finished Mason talks about his “a-ha moment” in treatment — sticking up for himself and being open (through talking and sharing) especially about being transgender. Now he is open with his recovery with the people around him which has helped him a lot.

Episode 84: Max

In Episode 84 of Far From Finished, Max talks about working a lot on meditation while in treatment — something he lacked while he was in the rooms. Sitting by himself in morning meditation he noticed a Bird of Paradise plant — just a bulb barely blooming. After 30 days right before his coin out he saw that the bulb was in full bloom — a sign to move on to his next phase in life.

Episode 83: Michelle

In Episode 83 of Far From Finished, Michelle talks about the significance of connecting with women of recovery from all over the world and talking about stepping out of their shame to speak their truth.

Episode 82: Ilan

In Episode 82 of Far From Finished Ilan talks about the stigma and shame surrounding love addiction and pornography as he feels nobody talks about it out in the real world. He acknowledges that to get the help that you need you should find two or three close friends who are walking a similar path as you and have them connect you to resources.

Episode 81: Dustin

In Episode 81 of Far From Finished Dustin talks about the importance of having a daily process and taking his recovery one day at a time. This process has taken a lot of the pressure and fear away from Dustin. He knows if he can just make it through today he has a chance. Dustin recently celebrated seven years of recovery.

Episode 80: Dave

In Episode 80 of Far From Finished Dave talks about how his addiction overtook him and changed his overall thinking. He believes that he got so deep into his own con that it actually changed because he now looks forward to helping people and doing the right thing.

Episode 79: Nick

In Episode 79 of Far From Finished Nick talks about how treatment broke down all of his destructive traits and behaviors. Today he works at the same place he received treatment, giving back what he so freely got.

Episode 78: Matt

In Episode 78 of Far From Finished, Matt talks about how he used to think materialistic things were a measure of success. What Matt ended up learning through the principles of recovery is that the effect he has on other people’s lives is the most valuable thing.

Episode 77: Michael

In Episode 77 of Far From Finished Michael talks about the importance of being open minded to change to achieve something different in your life. For Michael, you have to be open minded to the fact that there’s a possibility.

Episode 76: Thomas

In Episode 76 of Far From Finished Thomas talks about how writing everyday became a way to look at his past and unpack it and take apart the idea of himself as a monster. He started to see the good side of who he had always been. Writing became a way of not just delving into his own addiction but sharing it.

Episode 75: Missy

In Episode 75 of Far From Finished Missy talks about how her life in addiction was living life like a lie because she was excited about whatever you told her to be excited about. Today if she gets pumped up and excited about something it’s because she genuinely is (especially the work she does in addiction recovery).

Episode 74: Andrea

In Episode 74 of Far From Finished Andrea talks about the significance of obtaining better coping skills to deal with life. She feels confident enough to admit that she’s not a perfect person. She is also confident enough to be able to own up to what’s hers and make amends to mistakes she’s made.

Episode 73: Colin

In Episode 73 of Far From Finished Colin talks about the list of things that he is grateful for in recovery. His recovery has been a mixture of meetings, therapy and delving into his childhood. He considers his writing though to have been the most instrumental.

Episode 72: Veronica

In Episode 72 of Far From Finished Veronica talks about the skills that she learned during her emotional arrangement and spiritual awakening in recovery. She’s learned how to appropriately deal with her feelings which are skills she didn’t have before. She’s now balanced.

Episode 71: Sara

In Episode 71 of Far From Finished Sara talks about how meditation has helped her achieve a better state of mind in recovery. Through meditation she’s been able to flush out both her angry and obsessive thoughts.

Episode 70: Stephanie

In Episode 70 of Far From Finished Stephanie talks about deciding to move into sober living and how it’s been a huge factor in her recovery. Sober living has reignited her brain and made her accountable for her actions.

Episode 69: Bianca

In Episode 69 of Far From Finished Bianca talks about what she needs to do to help enhance her recovery. She knows she needs to learn and grow by listening to rules and following directions. She’s keeping a positive attitude because she knows she’s going to be someone in life.

Episode 68: Matt

In Episode 68 of Far From Finished Matt talks about meeting his wife in treatment and how it was a positive bonus meeting someone who wanted to get their life together at the same time for the right reasons. He credits her with helping him during his everyday routine in life.

Episode 67: Michelle

In Episode 67 of Far From Finished Michelle talks about meeting her husband while in treatment in Texas. They met each other at a very beautiful time in their lives when they were ready to change and be better. Every goal they’ve set, they’ve accomplished together.

Episode 66: Althea

In Episode 66 of Far From Finished Althea talks about the impact community has brought to her life. Its provided a sense of connection and belonging. The relationships she’s made in her recovery have been for her the most rewarding thing.

Episode 65: Angela

In Episode 65 of Far From Finished Angela talks about working in addiction treatment — encouraging people to not leave until they’ve seen the miracle of recovery happen to them. She’s seen miracles on top of miracles from people who stick around and do the work.

Episode 64: Jace

In Episode 64 of Far From Finished Jace talks about his ever changing relationship with his father. His father was always worried he would get hurt because of his addiction. Thanks to his recovery, they’ve now been able to rebuild their relationship to the point that they now talk a couple times a week.

Episode 63: Bryce

In Episode 63 of Far From Finished Bryce talks about how recovery allowed him to reconnect with his family. He feels that he was able to bring his family together by just making himself better.

Episode 62: Lew

In Episode 62 of Far From Finished, Lew talks about working with a counselor and following his advice to help get through the treatment process. In treatment Lew was open-minded towards change and he listened to people who were sober.

Episode 61: Justin

In Episode 61 of Far From Finished Justin talks about the importance of making a plan while in recovery. He wants control and knows that darkness wants the control back and doesn’t like seeing him successful. He knows he will achieve happiness as long as he doesn’t remain stagnant in his program and practices his steps.

Episode 60: Darlene

In Episode 60 of Far From Finished Darlene talks about the importance of going back to her treatment facility after achieving sobriety. By coming back to the same place that saved her life she was able to learn how to do a 90 in 90 and get a sponsor. Now she’s able to pay it forward and help those who are in a similar situation she previously faced.

Episode 59: Michele

In Episode 59 of Far From Finished Michele talks about the biggest thing she learned in recovery — you don’t have to be drunk or take pills to have fun. She acknowledges that she finally has joy which she didn’t have before. For her happiness is based on one’s circumstances and joy comes from within. Today Michele has joy.

Episode 58: Caitlin

In Episode 58 of Far From Finished Caitlin talks about her experience in sober living and how she doesn’t want to leave because her roommate and the other women she lives with are her absolute best friends in the entire world. She would do anything for them and has found real happiness rather than just synthetic euphoria. There was a timeshe didn't think that was possible.

Episode 57: Stephanie

In Episode 57 of Far From Finished Stephanie talks about the significance her mother has had on her life and how she would not be here if it wasn’t for her. Stephanie is now 3,000 miles away from home and doing things on her own which is a huge step for the both of them.

Episode 56: Nick

In Episode 56 of Far From Finished Nick talks about his early reservations with the 12-Steps. Changing his thinking and working with a sponsor Nick believes 12-step programs are here to make you a better person, and not drinking and not using drugs is just a small part of becoming a better person each day. 

Episode 55: Chad

In Episode 55 of Far From Finished Chad talks about how sobriety has provided a closer connection with his children. During his addiction his daughter was afraid of him but today she puts her arm around him which brings him joy to his heart. Recovery and the fellowship rooms were able to give him the memories that he has with them today.

Episode 54: Esther

In Episode 54 of Far From Finished Esther talks about how her yoga training made a significant impact towards achieving her recovery. She found ways to cope with what was going on in her head instead of wanting to drown it out.

Episode 53: Pam

In Episode 53 of Far From Finished, Pam talks about how fear is the biggest thing keeping people from going into treatment. For Pam it’s about putting those thoughts (how you’re going to deal with life without drugs and alcohol) in the back burner and dealing with that when you get sober. You have to get sober before you know how you’re going to deal in life without the substances.

Episode 52: Jerrod

In Episode 52 of Far From Finished, Jerrod talks about the importance of providing the best treatment possible for those afflicted by addiction. Jerrod believes that providing the best quality of care means assembling the right teams. This means having good therapists and good staff that a client can relate to. It’s all about setting a good tone from the very beginning.

Episode 51: Tyler

In Episode 51 of Far From Finished, Tyler talks about the impact a sponsor has made on her life especially as it pertains to having sober fun during active recovery. She wants the glow and the strength that her sponsor has and Tyler knows that she’s only going to achieve it if she follows the same methods.

Episode 50: Joseph

In Episode 50 of Far From Finished Joseph talks about how his poetry, particularly his poem “Talk Ugly” (which is about talking to people when they need to hear it most), has taken him down a path where he has become an advocate for recovery. Active in the recovery industry (working with adults in the industry and treatment centers) Joseph’s words have served as inspiration for others to share their story, create a community and bring light to issues that they are all touched by.

Episode 49: Patrick

In Episode 49 of Far From Finished, Patrick talks about how his support group has been one of the most important factors in his recovery. He knows that his support group will always be there for him. Above anything else his support group has their recovery in mind. That’s why they all get along so well.

Episode 48: Chris

In Episode 48 of Far From Finished, Chris talks about not knowing where his sobriety is going to take him but liking the track that he’s on. He believes that it’s exciting. He is going to continue to learn, to grow, and do what makes him happy. He knows he’ll always move forward especially with his children.

Episode 47: Samantha

In Episode 47 of Far From Finished, Samantha talks about her experience in sober living and befriending the women there — these women are the same people that she keeps in her life today. Samantha was able to safely open up because these women that she didn’t know, were sharing similar experiences (with relationships and children) she had gone through.

Episode 46: Andrea

In Episode 46 of Far From Finished, Andrea talks about the importance of acceptance when it comes to her addiction and recovery. She understands that she’s made a lot of mistakes and she’s evaluating them because she knows she doesn’t want that anymore as it led her to a lot of pain and to some very dark places.

Episode 45: Terrence

In Episode 45 of Far From Finished Terrence talks about how working in addiction recovery helping other addicts with their issues keeps him sober. He knows he can’t make anybody do anything but if he can share his story and they can take something out of that then it helps him go to sleep at night knowing that he’s doing the right thing.

Episode 44: Darlene & Family

In Episode 44 of Far From Finished, Darlene talks about how blessed she has been as a mother, living a life beyond her wildest dreams especially after having to endure tragedy. She believes her son Chris keeps her sane, strong and wanting to push to be the best mother and person she can be.

Episode 43: Julia – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 43, Julia talks about how she doesn’t want to relapse or slip no matter what happens in her life as her recovery is a journey of self-discovery. She maintains it by serving other women and men. For Julia she stays active in her recovery because she needs it to stay real.

Episode 43: Julia – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 43 Julia talks about the significant role her family played in her recovery. According to Julia, we only need one thing to make sense in our lives and for her it was her family.

Episode 42: Nicole

In Episode 42, Nicole talks about being a young mother in recovery and how her son (who she calls her “sobriety baby”) has helped keep her sober every day.

Episode 41: Chris – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 41, Chris talks about his experiences in sober living and the things that he has learned from the process — from opening up about things that he didn’t know about himself to working with families to help illuminate issues within their dynamic.

Episode 41: Chris – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 41 Chris talks about his “arrived moment,” selling drugs to people and have them look up to him as he navigated from group to group. Starting with marijuana and then transitioning to prescription pills, Chris eventually became a heavy pill user who had easy access to it — stealing his mother’s OxyContin.

Episode 40: Jack

In Episode 40 Jack talks about the importance of learning in recovery as that’s what it’s all about — learning and leaning on each other when we can’t be strong for ourselves.

Episode 39: Earl – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 39, Earl talks about the process of finding a living donor for a kidney transplant the results of which have come from the most likely and unlikely of sources.

Episode 39: Earl – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 39, Earl talks about how he immersed himself in recovery movies, books and AA to help achieve his recovery. For Earl there was no more using comfortably once you start going to AA.

Episode 38: Tim

In Episode 38, Tim talks about the impact that sharing his recovery story has had in drastically changing his life. For him the most important thing is being able to use his testimony to inspire somebody to never give up or lose faith.

Episode 37: Libby

In Episode 37 Libby discusses how everything she did while in addiction was to avoid God and now in active recovery her whole life is centered on God.

Episode 36: Ben

In Episode 36, Ben talks about his early difficulty with the 12-Steps and how hearing a different explanation of the program became a turning point in his recovery.

Episode 35: Tim

In Episode 35, Tim talks about how finding a spiritual connection is important in recovery as he knows there is stuff going on in his life that he can only credit to God.

Episode 34: Mike

In Episode 34, Mike talks about how he was able to achieve recovery once he did the following three things — talk to people again, live life, and become a member of society again.

Episode 33: Emily

In Episode 33, Emily talks about how connecting with a higher power has allowed her to keep going in her recovery, to stay strong.

Episode 32: Arthur – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 32, Arthur discusses how recovery has made him more content with his life than he ever thought he would be. He knew in order to repair his relationships and to get his life back together he had to finally give in and get the help he needed.

Episode 32: Arthur – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 32, Arthur talks about how his growing addiction, during a three year period, changed him from the outgoing, positive person (the life of the party) to someone who isolated himself from his friends.

Episode 31: Dave

In Episode 31, Dave talks about how a big part of treatment is developing a sense of awareness of oneself. While caught up in the vicious cycle of substance abuse, he underestimated the severity of it while in its grasp. It was only until he was free that he could really see it.

Episode 30: Audrey

In Episode 30, Audrey talks about the things that she learned in recovery from learning how to sit and be quiet to writing down her feelings. She is a strong believer in writing down her feelings. She has written over 35 journals and to her amazement, stories that she has written (in poems, her recovery story) have been published in multiple books.

Episode 29: Tony

In Episode 29, Tony talks about his appreciation for recovery and the opportunities it’s given him — from a career, to meeting his wife who he met three years into his recovery. They have walked the path of recovery together as a couple but Tony believes that the important thing with couples that are in recovery is that they each have their own recovery. They just recently celebrated 20 years of marriage.

Episode 28: Cameron

In Episode 28, Cameron talks about how treatment has given him a new outlook on life — from not being ashamed of the things that he’s done in the past to coming to the realization that nothing is going to be beneficial to his recovery unless he’s honest about everything.

Episode 27: Joe

In Episode 27, Joe talks about how asking for help with his addiction was the smartest decision he’s ever made.  For Joe it doesn’t make you less of a person, it makes you a much stronger person to be able to ask for that helping hand.

Episode 26: Raymon

In Episode 26, Raymon discusses the significance that outpatient treatment had on his recovery — learning what he needed to do, learning what not to do and most importantly learning that it’s ok to trust people. For Raymon, going into outpatient treatment was the best decision he ever made.

Episode 25: Rich

In Episode 25, Rich talks about how one of the therapists in treatment helped him get through the tough times. How her no-nonsense attitude helped him realize the big truth. He uses what he learned in treatment to help others new to a program, which in turn helps reinforce how much he appreciates his own recovery.

Episode 24: Kylie

In Episode 24 Kylie talks about the effect meetings have had in her recovery — how she learned more about herself and finally accepted that she had a problem with alcohol.

Episode 23: Jim

In Episode 23, Jim talks about how he used the 12-Steps to get him through relapse and navigate every day in his personal commitment to doing the next right thing.

Episode 22: Adrian

In Episode 22, Adrian talks about how treatment made him start to accept who he was on the inside.

Episode 21: Chris

In Episode 21, Chris talks about his recovery and how he uses his story to offer those who are struggling with addiction, the hope that he found when he got sober.

Episode 20: Jimmy – Part 2

In Episode 20, Jimmy talks about how treatment has brought him much closer to his family, especially his son.

Episode 20: Jimmy – Part 1

In Part 1 of Episode 20, Jimmy talks about the effect substance abuse had on his work and life, and the treatment that has now allowed him to do things for himself.

Episode 19: Traci – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 19, Traci talks about how her son has been a true blessing in her recovery.

Episode 19: Traci – Part 1

In Part I of Episode 19, Traci talks about how she fell into her substance abuse to get away from the physical and emotional pain in her life. 

Episode 18: Alexandria

In Episode 18, Alexandria talks about the benefits of a really good support system, in treatment and now during recovery.

Episode 17: Tim

In Episode 17, Tim talks about how his recovery has afforded him the opportunity to give countless others a voice to express themselves.

Episode 16: Chris

In Episode16, Chris talks about how growing up as a child he felt like he was always on his own. Going through treatment he realized that was not the case. Now through his career he helps people who find themselves in the same situation that he once was.

Episode 15: Maggie

In Episode 15, Maggie talks about how her addiction was her best friend and how, through treatment, she was able to let go and be as free as she’s ever been.

Episode 14: Alex

In Episode 14 of Far From Finished, Alex talks about how treatment made her feel like she wasn’t alone and that she had a purpose in life.

Episode 13: Nicole

In Episode 13 of Far From Finished, Nicole talks about how she immersed herself in fellowship and treatment. She discusses how she has used that to pay it forward in her life especially in her career.

Episode 12: Craig

In Episode 12 of Far From Finished, Craig talks about the lasting impact that treatment has been able to provide in his life.

Episode 11: Jerald

In Episode 11 of Far From Finished, Jerald talks about how his life became unmanageable in addiction. With treatment he now lives a fuller life in recovery with his extended family and his recovery family.

Episode 10: Kevin

In Episode 10 of Far From Finished, Kevin talks about how his recovery has been a blessing — helping him, his family and also his career.

Episode 9: Ben

In episode nine of Far From Finished Ben talks about how he fell into the throes of addiction at an early age. Stuck in an endless cycle with his addiction, Ben shares what finally drove him to get the help that he deserved.

Episode 8: Justin

In Episode Eight of Far From Finished, Justin talks about the long process he underwent to achieve sobriety and the sober community that has changed his life for the better.

Episode 7: Sara

In episode seven of Far From Finished, Sara talks about how anxiety and depression led her towards addiction, reaching a point where she could not live without anything mind altering such as alcohol. By fully committing to recovery, Sara has achieved the happiness that she deserves.

Episode 6: Scott

In this episode Scott, talks about his 20 year career as a firefighter, the drug addiction that overtook him due to his PTSD and the treatment he underwent to achieve the peace that he deserves.

Episode 5: Traci

In this episode, Traci talks about how looking for acceptance from others lead to her drug abuse, and how she learned to accept and be confident in HERSELF to stop it.

Episode 4: Josh

In this episode, Josh talks about his drug and alcohol abuse from grade school to adulthood.

Episode 3: Bobby

In this episode, Bobby shares her story of transformation, as a single mother of six, to somebody that she and her kids can be happy and proud of.

Episode 2: Tim

In this episode, Tim talks about how he went from repeatedly hurting his loved ones with his addiction, to the clean and sober man they are all proud of.

Episode 1: Jaleah

In this episode, Jaleah shares her journey from alcoholism and drug abuse during homelessness, to finding AAC and then getting clean and sober.

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