Episode 32: Arthur – Part 2

In Part 2 of Episode 32, Arthur discusses how recovery has made him more content with his life than he ever thought he would be. He knew in order to repair his relationships and to get his life back together he had to finally give in and get the help he needed.

Arthur believes that the worst time of his life was the period leading him to seek the treatment that resulted in his active recovery. Going down a dark path where he began doing three grams of heroin a day, Arthur was pushed to his breaking point, he was tired of himself.  He can recall the moment where he was ready to end it all — two grams of heroin in a needle ready to be slammed when a miraculous event changed everything.

Arthur never would have imagined that he would get sober in his own city, Las Vegas. Now in recovery he knows that he doesn’t want to live the life that he lived before. He keeps himself in check by going to his meetings, calling his sponsor, and making sure to think back on the times that highlighted the worst time of his life. 

Podcast may contain mature language and situations

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