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Far From Finished: Audrey


In Episode 30, Audrey talks about the things that she learned in recovery from learning how to sit and be quiet to writing down her feelings. She is a strong believer in writing down her feelings. She has written over 35 journals and to her amazement, stories that she has written (in poems, her recovery story) have been published in multiple books.

Episode 30 : Audrey

The first time Audrey slammed meth she knew she was in trouble.  The high was everything that she had been looking for. Eventually she became broke with an extreme habit and she did all she could (sold, traded, stole) to get more meth. In return meth robbed her of her happiness, family, home and her life — she no longer felt like a human being. One night she realized that she was a junkie, in that moment of clarity she knew she had to stop, deal with the wreckage of her life, stop running, and accept the help that was being offered to her. Her journey towards recovery began on September 6, 1994 and it has seen its ups and downs but the multiple blessings in recovery have given her back her life. She knows that sobriety is only promised one day at a time and contingent upon her daily maintenance. She knows that to remain sober she needs to do what she did yesterday. For her “today is just a blessing but tomorrow is not a gift.”

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