Episode 69: Bianca

In Episode 69 of Far From Finished Bianca talks about what she needs to do to help enhance her recovery. She knows she needs to learn and grow by listening to rules and following directions. She’s keeping a positive attitude because she knows she’s going to be someone in life.

At the age of 10 Bianca decided to try heroin. That eventually led to her selling drugs. She can recall at the age of 11 having a kilo of heroin in her backpack. By 16 she began to shoot heroin. Her addiction had reached a point where she found herself placed into a psych ward.  Bianca would celebrate her 18th birthday at a mental hospital. All she cared about was herself and heroin.

She can remember talking to her mother and telling her that she was tired of her life with addiction. She was tired of being a horrible person. She had gone from 160 to 97 pounds. After detoxing in treatment Bianca began the process of recovery. She didn’t want to begin a cycle where she would go to treatment eight times. She wanted this to be her first and last time, and if it meant saying goodbye to the love of her life (heroin) then she was okay doing that.

Treatment has truly expanded Bianca’s mindset. She now has the willpower to say no.  She’s grateful to be alive. She knows times are rough but there is always light at the end of the tunnel no matter where you are.


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