Episode 28: Cameron

In Episode 28, Cameron talks about how treatment has given him a new outlook on life — from not being ashamed of the things that he’s done in the past to coming to the realization that nothing is going to be beneficial to his recovery unless he’s honest about everything.

When Cameron was in active addiction, his mother said that he was one of the most selfish people that she knew. He had difficulty starting any real relationships or friendships — he had nothing of substance because of his secret addiction. For many years he was stuck in the middle of wanting to be in recovery and not actually moving forward to get the help he needed. According to Cameron, “I had this sense of, I’m not done yet.” The disconnect with his family, coupled with his own insecurities, finally drove him to the point where he knew he had to change his life. While he’s been to treatment multiple times, his most recent trip changed his entire mindset due to the understanding and compassion given to him. Today, Cameron is finding out every day who he is and who he is becoming. It’s an experience that leaves him  beyond overjoyed.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations


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