Episode 73: Colin

In Episode 73 of Far From Finished Colin talks about the list of things that he is grateful for in recovery. His recovery has been a mixture of meetings, therapy and delving into his childhood. He considers his writing though to have been the most instrumental.

Colin was 15 years old when he got drunk for the first time in a bar. He was an alcoholic from the outset. He had no fear of becoming one. At an early age there wasn’t a real sense of morality for Colin to deal with so it was all fun and games. By the time he was 23 he was in enough pain — physically, mentally, and spiritually. At a certain point he was 115 pounds and his liver was damaged and swollen. He knew that once he had his first drink, he didn’t know where it was going to take him. His addiction would continue until a beautiful day in Manhattan would forever change Colin’s life and lead him down the road to recovery.

Colin’s been in and out of recovery for 22 years and he knows that as long as he never puts a drink in his mouth he will never ever be drunk again. He knows that as long as he’s sober he is an active participant in his life. He has no idea how is life is going to unfold but he knows that he’s present. He feels like he’s doing his part now.

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