Episode 80: Dave

In Episode 80 of Far From Finished Dave talks about how his addiction overtook him and changed his overall thinking. He believes that he got so deep into his own con that it actually changed because he now looks forward to helping people and doing the right thing.

Dave was sober for 11 years and then he turned 12. It all went downhill for him. For Dave buying drugs was as easy as going through a fast food drive-thru.  He could walk down a block get a bag of dope for $10 which for him was like doing four percocets or rocks at once. His addiction escalated where he couldn’t just do one bag of dope. Dave had been doing pills for about three years but it was heroin that messed him up faster. His addiction had pushed him to the brink — he had found himself in a hospital bed due to alcohol and prescription pill abuse.

In the back of his mind Dave was thinking of a way to hack his way out of his own addiction. He knew a lot of people who came back and were trusted again by the people they knew. In treatment for 30 days, something changed in Dave around the 20th day — he got honest with his counselor. By the time Dave was in sober living there was a willingness to be open and honest. It was being pulled out of him.

To this day he doesn’t know why its him in recovery and not somebody else that went to rehab with him. He feels super blessed. He’s not going to say it was luck or coincidence — for Dave it was a lot more than that. It was him branching out to a lot of different areas with the accumulation balanced him out.


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