Episode 31: Dave

In Episode 31, Dave talks about how a big part of treatment is developing a sense of awareness of oneself. While caught up in the vicious cycle of substance abuse, he underestimated the severity of it while in its grasp. It was only until he was free that he could really see it.

For Dave, his whole life had been searching for some answer and he found it — in beer.  Once he became the guy with a bag of drugs he realized it was even cooler than being the guy with alcohol. Looking back he realizes that he started doing things that he normally wouldn’t do when he was under the influence of drugs and alcohol — it became the new normal.  The path he was taking had a significant impact on those close to him as he hurt his family members and his coworkers. Everyone around him felt the wrath of his drinking. It was a downward spiral where he truly felt possessed by something that was bigger than him. He was a deer in the headlights.

Realizing his problem, Dave asked for help and began his journey towards recovery, which he believes is the best thing he’s ever done.  While in treatment he recalls a moment where he helped a woman who was creating a disturbance. As he started to talk to her and make her feel at ease he realized he was doing something helpful and useful. He felt good. Now in recovery Dave has paid it forward by opening his own rehab facility in Las Vegas, Nevada. As of today he has helped treat over 3,000 people.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations.

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