Episode 81: Dustin

In Episode 81 of Far From Finished Dustin talks about the importance of having a daily process and taking his recovery one day at a time. This process has taken a lot of the pressure and fear away from Dustin. He knows if he can just make it through today he has a chance. Dustin recently celebrated seven years of recovery.

When Dustin looks back at his addiction he remembers judging a lot people for a lot of the ways they lived their lives. When he became rebellious, he rebelled against a lot of the things he didn’t like about society. He was angry, hated the world, and he turned it onto himself, becoming very isolated and scared. A lot of times he relied on drugs to help convince him that things were okay. Each drug provided its own new insight for him.

Dustin hit rock bottom after he relapsed post treatment. He had a moment to reflect and knew he had to surrender and give recovery a try, finally realizing that he may not ever have the chance again. By delving deeper into treatment Dustin saw that people lived a life similar to his and turned their lives around by achieving hopes, dreams and goals they had never thought were imaginable. Today Dustin has a little something extra to ensure his own happiness, joy and freedom. He has found through recovery a privilege and purpose today which once seemed long lost to him.

He knows that if he chooses to stay in recovery he can choose to leave a legacy. Recovery has given him a life that’s truly transformed — it’s something which he credits to himself, forces greater than him, and the people who have inspired him to continue his journey.


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