Episode 33: Emily

In Episode 33, Emily talks about how connecting with a higher power has allowed her to keep going in her recovery, to stay strong.

Emily’s addiction began at an early age when she was only 12 years old. Taken away from her mother at the age of 11, she began to mask her emotions by using marijuana which ultimately led her to become a meth and heroin addict.

In 2012, Emily was sexually assaulted, two months later she was pregnant with child. In and out of treatment, Emily continued to use while she was a young mother.  Her drug use took her to such a low point that she had to sign away her rights to her son over to her family.

For Emily, her sexual assault, coupled with giving away her child, took her down a path where she didn’t care where she woke up the next morning. Multiple stints in hospitals were her wake up call to get help.

Taking the necessary steps in recovery that she hadn’t taken before, Emily now lives a life where she feels truly independent, a better life than she was living before — where she still has contact with her son and family, some of whom look up to her now for guidance.

Podcast may contain mature language or situations

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