Episode 64: Jace

In Episode 64 of Far From Finished Jace talks about his ever changing relationship with his father. His father was always worried he would get hurt because of his addiction. Thanks to his recovery, they’ve now been able to rebuild their relationship to the point that they now talk a couple times a week.

Jace’s life started to go downhill when his mother was diagnosed with cancer. He began to get pretty deep into using drugs when he began to live on his own (his parents divorced when he was seven). He was violent towards his father and was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. He first hit rock bottom after his mother’s passing. Shortly after her death, Jace went to his first treatment center.  He has been to treatment nine times.

Jace’s drug of choice was crystal meth. When he was on meth he would lie to anyone to get what he wanted. He would do anything to get high. By the time Jace underwent his ninth stint in treatment he had no friends. He couldn’t even talk to his family.

He feels good knowing that treatment and recovery have helped him get further in life. He’s a productive member of society — he has a job that he loves and he’s engaging in healthy relationships. He feels happy in recovery, it’s a feeling he’s never felt before.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations. 

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