Episode 24: Kylie

In Episode 24 Kylie talks about the effect meetings have had in her recovery — how she learned more about herself and finally accepted that she had a problem with alcohol.

Kylie will turn 25 years old in 2016. Since the age of 15, there’s never been a time where any problem she had wasn’t solved with either alcohol or a drug. She ultimately realized that if she kept doing what she was doing she would continue spinning in an endless circle — going to detox to temporarily feel better, then quickly back to drugs and alcohol.

To this day, she sometimes gets frustrated to the point of crying because she doesn’t know who she is without alcohol. Through her experiences in treatment, she knows that she has to take it one day at a time. According to Kylie, she’s not making any promises about tomorrow, next week or even next year. Just today.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations


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