Episode 37: Libby

In Episode 37 Libby discusses how everything she did while in addiction was to avoid God and now in active recovery her whole life is centered on God.

When Libby thinks about her addiction she doesn’t feel like she had a life before it as she grew up in a household where problems were solved by pills.  Being diagnosed with diabetes at the age of 13 was very traumatic for Libby as she had never really faced a personal problem that someone else couldn’t fix.  Now all of a sudden there was a situation she had to deal with if she wanted to live.  That realization created a major spiral for her.

Angry and frustrated Libby went down a road filled with drugs, alcohol, multiple relationships and several blackouts.  The substance abuse had taken its toll on Libby’s body and an encounter with her parents led her to seek inpatient treatment for an extended time. Following treatment Libby still didn’t identify as an alcoholic. A fateful night where she saw someone in the throes of substance abuse made Libby want to put down the bottle. The following day, March 10th, 2012 was her sobriety date. She hasn’t picked up a drink since.

Today Libby feels so blessed that she’s been given another chance because there have  been so many times where she’s been so close to death. Now she dedicates herself to giving back through her service in the church, which gives her the chance to wake up each day knowing that she has the opportunity to help somebody.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations


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