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Far From Finished: Sara


In Episode 71 of Far From Finished Sara talks about how meditation has helped her achieve a better state of mind in recovery. Through meditation she’s been able to flush out both her angry and obsessive thoughts.

Episode 71 : Sara

Sara said that it was a relationship that got her addicted to heroin. Seven years later she has learned that it wasn’t the case. It was her. The decision to use or not was hers to make and she chose to do it. It became a physical addiction, and she started needing it every day.

While facing addiction, Sara also endured physical abuse from a boyfriend who she loved. She even thought she deserved the abuse. Ultimately Sara had reached a point where she knew she had to get help. She got into a car with her father and headed straight to treatment.

Once in treatment, Sara began to work on herself. She realized it wasn’t her fault that her boyfriend was abusive. She had to get help because she knew she couldn’t do it herself. She needed detox. Once she got into the program she found people who were just like her. She had found people and things in treatment that could help her. She truly believes treatment saved her life because otherwise she knows she would still be with that abusive boyfriend who supported her addiction.

Today she is looking out for herself. She believes in karma. She knows it’s going to come back and help put her in the right direction. She knows she’ll be where she needs to be.

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