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Far From Finished: Stephanie


In Episode 70 of Far From Finished Stephanie talks about deciding to move into sober living and how it’s been a huge factor in her recovery. Sober living has reignited her brain and made her accountable for her actions.

Episode 70 : Stephanie

On September 6th, 2016 Stephanie overdosed on oxycodone, which led her to her first detox. Stephanie had nothing when she made the decision to go 3,000 miles away from home for treatment. She had no financial support, no job and her family really didn’t want anything to do with her.

When she initially arrived at treatment she didn’t want to do 30 days. She wanted to maybe do two weeks. After two weeks it hit her. She wasn’t ready to go home. The people, places and things, especially changing her environment helped her situation. During this process, she was taught the following — if you’re not having fun in recovery then you’re doing something wrong. For Stephanie recovery is about having fun.

Stephanie has kept herself very busy in active recovery. She goes to meetings every single day and wants to go back to school for psychology as she wants to become a clinician and work with others in treatment centers. She knows she has purpose.

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