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Far From Finished: The Road to Recovery Part One: Dominic


In the premiere of American Addiction Centers’ new Far From Finished docuseries, Desert Hope treatment center alum Dominic shares the story of his road to recovery. 

Episode 87 : The Road to Recovery Part One: Dominic


Far From Finished is a video series produced by American Addiction Centers, detailing the lives of those who struggle with addiction, and how they overcome the disease to live a better life in recovery. This first batch of episodes will chronicle Dominic’s journey from drug addiction, to treatment, to recovery and beyond.

In this installment, we follow Dominic as he recounts his early history of drug abuse. Dominic, like many others who struggle with substance abuse, experienced trauma in his past, and utilized drugs as a coping mechanism. Addiction often starts as a way to disconnect from a stressful or unfortunate reality, and can spiral out of control until you find yourself in a position that’s unsustainable.

Luckily, Dominic was able to find a path to recovery. He found his way to Desert Hope, one of American Addiction Centers’ eight residential treatment facilities. There, he received the tools he needed to regain control of his live, overcome his addiction, and start down the path of recovery. Dominic’s story is one of hope, but, like all struggling to overcome addiction, he’s still far from finished.

Dominic found a way out of his addiction, and you can, too. If you find your relationship with alcohol or drugs spiraling out of control, don’t wait until you hit rock bottom. American Addiction Centers has call center employees standing by at all hours, ready to help you start down the path towards recovery. Call the number at the top of the page, or click to chat to get started.

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