Episode 35: Tim

In Episode 35, Tim talks about how finding a spiritual connection is important in recovery as he knows there is stuff going on in his life that he can only credit to God.

At the age of 38, Tim was prescribed pain medication due to a motorcycle accident. Eventually he began to take these pills just to function. His pill use transitioned into heroin abuse. Six months prior to going into recovery he was snorting heroin and doing pills when he could afford them.

His substance abuse was affecting his relationships and most significantly his work. A near work accident was his wake up call to get help.  He had previously tried to stop abusing drugs on his own but he couldn’t do it. Once he received detox treatment all the emotion from the years of using poured out.  According to Tim it felt like he went back to when he first started.

Tim’s active addiction was over five years so for him he feels like he’s gone back five years and picked up where he left off prior to addiction taking hold of his life. He now lives a life where he has beautiful people in it and a job where he can provide emotional support to anyone that is in the same place as he was.

Podcast may contain mature language and situations. 


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