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Far From Finished: Tim


In Episode 38, Tim talks about the impact that sharing his recovery story has had in drastically changing his life. For him the most important thing is being able to use his testimony to inspire somebody to never give up or lose faith.

Episode 38 : Tim

A walk-on for the football team at the University of Pittsburgh, Tim had it all — he flew on commercial jets, stayed at nice hotels and the team’s games were featured on major tv networks. Once he graduated he felt there was a huge void in his life — gone was the Tim that walked on, earned a scholarship and overachieved.

Looking to fill the missing void that football left him with, Tim found solace in bodybuilding. However, it was the bodybuilding lifestyle that led to the beginning stages of his addiction. During his interactions with people within the industry, Tim was introduced to a substance called GHB, a teaspoon of which is the equivalent of drinking three or four beers. Also a depressant, GHB would help Tim relax and unwind from his bodybuilding lifestyle. Ultimately, Tim began to take GHB every couple of hours in conjunction with cocaine.

A near fatal experience with GHB still couldn’t stop Tim’s partying behaviors. Curing his hangovers with pain pills, Tim thought he could beat his addiction but only succeeded in becoming a highly functioning addict, stuck in a vicious cycle with a steady income to pay for his habit.

Raised Catholic, one of the things that ties Tim’s story together with the aftermath of his sobriety is his faith. With the help of a pastor and his strong belief in a higher power, Tim was able to self detox and overcome his addiction. According to Tim, he believes that God stepped in and decided now was the time.

Focused thanks to his faith, Tim works in the addiction/recovery industry using his business acumen to help impact the community.  Today he once again feels like the walk-on at Pitt full of potential, achieving things with a clear mind.

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