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Far From Finished: Veronica


In Episode 72 of Far From Finished Veronica talks about the skills that she learned during her emotional arrangement and spiritual awakening in recovery. She’s learned how to appropriately deal with her feelings which are skills she didn’t have before. She’s now balanced.

Episode 72 : Veronica

Veronica binge drank from the word go. She believed that the purpose of drinking alcohol was to get very, very drunk. One of her earliest drinking moments was being 15 years old and being in a pub in England. Alcohol gave her all of the feelings that she had been chasing her whole life. By the time she was 18 she experienced a deep psychosis and had hit rock bottom. She had quit drugs but her relationship with alcohol changed as it was now used to cope with her severe social anxiety.

From the ages of 18 to 27 (which is when she got sober), Veronica was trying to cover the cracks in her life and convince people that she was okay when she wasn’t. She was suicidal, desperate and lonely. She used a lot of external things to fix those feelings. She believed if she changed her external world, then she could change how she felt on the inside. She had to change how she felt on the inside. For Veronica it was doing the 12-Steps and having an emotional rearrangement. This would be the beginning of her recovery.

Veronica has now been sober for over 17 years, and her life now is completely unrecognizable from that of her past. She believes that when you get sober, your life expands and you’re able to begin the process of reaching your potential. She now has a career in recovery working as a therapist and coach. She loves working with people and seeing them recover. For her it’s an incredible experience.

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