AdCare Rhode Island

Prospective Patients

Our admission process is quick and easy, and usually takes an hour or less to complete.


AdCare Rhode Island is located on over 20 acres set amongst the woods in New England. It is very peaceful with no city noises, and there are many opportunities for the clients to take walks, run, or just be in nature with the wildlife that surrounds the campus. It is located 20 minutes away from TF Green Airport. The rooms at AdCare Rhode Island have a condo-like atmosphere with brand-new, freshly painted windows to enjoy the outdoor scenery.


AdCare Rhode Island has a beautiful, scenic dining hall where three delicious, healthy meals are served a day. Accommodations are made for special diets if needed, and patients have the option of scheduling a personal appointment with the nutritionist. Each residential unit has a kitchenette where snacks and beverages are available.

Housing details

AdCare Rhode Island has a detox/crisis stabilization unit and two standard residential units. The detox/crisis stabilization unit has 23 beds, one residential unit has 23 beds, and the smaller residential unit has 13 beds. All residential units are lined with beautiful artwork. Usually, each room is equipped with 2 beds, 2 bureaus, 2 bedside tables, and a private bathroom inside the room. The residential wings are co-ed; gender is only separated by rooms. Private rooms are available at no additional cost for transgender patients or other patients with a demonstrated clinical need for a private room. Each unit has a kitchenette with snacks (popsicles, cereals, etc.) and beverages (lemonade, coffee, etc.). There is a lounge on each unit which has a television, board games, and art supplies for patients to enjoy at their leisure. Laundry machines and detergent are available on-site for patient use. Housekeeping services will clean their rooms daily and will wash linens regularly.

Recreational Activities & Outings

In their free time, patients can watch television, play board games, or create art in the lounge; exercise in the beautiful gym facility or outdoors; play basketball on the court; play cornhole or frisbee outside; or participate in a drumming group (offered for an hour every other week; led by a drummer with 26-29 different types of drums). In the gym, patients can exercise on the treadmill or elliptical, or they can use the free weights, weight machine, or exercise ball. A treatment assistant will be in the gym to assist if needed.


Because connectivity is so important, patients may bring and use their electronic devices during free hours. We provide free Wi-Fi to all patients and guests.

For Families


AdCare Rhode Island has a family day on Sundays, where visiting families and other loved ones participate in discussions with clinicians, visit with their loved one, and engage in family therapy sessions. On the last Wednesday of every month, the facility hosts a family community night with Dr. Colbern, which is open to the public. Meetings may include learning about how to get loved ones into treatment or listening to the experience of alumni or their families. These meetings often function as a support group for the individuals who attend.

Visiting your loved one

AdCare Rhode Island residential has an open door visitation policy and strongly encourages patients’ families and loved ones to be as involved as possible. If they want a family therapy session, they are encouraged to call ahead of time so that the clinicians can allot time to meet with the patient and their family/loved ones. Children are welcome to visit as well, and the meditation room at AdCare has coloring books and toys for children who are visiting. During your loved one’s treatment, we can work with you to plan a visit. Your loved one’s treatment team will provide you with all of the information you need to schedule your visit.