Greenhouse Treatment Center

Hear From Our Alumni

At Greenhouse Treatment Center, our patients’ satisfaction and feedback are important to us, and we use this information to continually improve the quality of our care. We voluntarily and continuously survey our alumni, their families, and our staff about their experiences with our facility and to evaluate our performance.

Lacee, from Google Reviews
"I have learned so much through this program. The staff is helpful and caring. I would recommend Greenhouse to anyone seeking treatment."

Melissa, from Google Reviews
"My experience was great the staff was amazing never once did I feel judged I had the best therapist Maggie. I went through in Oct. 2017 been clean ever since. In the past I had been to about 10 rehabs my life was a mess and with the compassion from all the staff and all the tools I learned for both my drug addiction and my mental health very grateful for the Greenhouse. I find it appalling that people would get on here and down the green house that usually comes from people who made their own stay bad by causing problems and probably got kicked out trying to flip the blame u get out of it what u put in it so don't down the place just cuz u weren't ready to get clean. The Greenhouse helps u to learn how to live life on life's terms without the use of drugs but YOU have to decide for urself if ur ready to make a change and I encourage anybody struggling with addiction to take that step u won't ever regret it."

Edwin, from Google Reviews
"This facility is awesome from my personal experience...its like a small piece of heaven. I got a good sense of mind peacefulness and tranquility. Food and staff is grade A!"

Terrie, from Google Reviews
"The Staff and Program saved my son's life. The treatment he received was far more than I expected and I am forever grateful to the entire staff."

Jack, from Google Reviews
"My stay at the greenhouse was a great experience. Staff was very professional"

Marcus, from Google Reviews
"Great treatment center! learned a lotta tools that everyone needs."

Michael, from Google Reviews
"A very professional staff from top to bottom. They really take the time to focus on your recovery. I highly recommend Greenhouse to anyone that has an addiction problem."

Zachary, from Google Reviews
"Amazing staff and facility. I have been to a rehabilitation facility previously, but it paled in comparison to the professional and holistic approach to treatment that Greenhouse provides. I would say I would gladly come back, but I hope I don't have to!"

Wes, from
"My experience was a positive one. I was there for about 6 wks. I am now 653 days clean. I can say w/o a doubt that they saved my life and family. I made the right choice to go there, although I live in Minnesota. That was the hardest for me, being away from family. I am a better man for it. Thank you"

Chasity, from
"Excellent the staff saved my life !! Staff at outpatient and at the Main inpatient facility really helped me work through so many problems I am so thankful"

Dawn, from
"For the first time in my life i was able to worj on myself without any outside distractions. The therapy uncovered so much i had buried through my alcohol and drug use. They gave me the tools to live a sober life. My experience was awesome and life changing for me. I loved and and still value my five week stay. The entire staff really cared about my recovery. Today i am one year, 7 months sober and loving life!"