River Oaks Treatment Center

Hear From Our Alumni

At River Oaks, our patients’ satisfaction and feedback are important to us, and we use this information to continually improve the quality of our care. We voluntarily and continuously survey our alumni, their families, and our staff about their experiences with our facility and to evaluate our performance.

Kym, from Google Reviews
“I have nothing but good thoughts and experiences about my stay at River Oaks. Everyone. was thoughtful and helpful. It takes a certain type of person to do that job with all the different moods and withdrawing every one is different and are there for something other than alcohol...but we are all there for the same thing. To get better!”

Joshua, from Rehabs.com
“This was my first rehab treatment and I would recommend River Oaks to any addict struggling with addiction and/or mental disorders. The staff are very caring and compassionate. The facility is beautiful and they do a great job of making it feel like home. The greatest strength was the psycho educational class”

Brian, from Google Reviews
“This place saved my life. Love R.O.”

RW, from Rehabs.com
“Everyone was very friendly & knowledgeable. Treatment plan & curriculum is effective if you follow suggestions.”

Scott, from Google Reviews
“Stayed for 32 days. It was very helpful. The place was the most laid back and helpful places that you’re are going to find. They give you all kinds of stuff to do and the staff and fellowship makes it much easier to go thru. Also it's coed for the most part except housing and groups. The other clients your around on a daily basis make it much easier to stick with it and get thru it.”

Yvonne, from Rehabs.com
“Thank you, River Oaks. Clean, very helpful friendly staff. I thank you for giving me the tools needed for a sober life. I would highly recommend this facility.”

Justin, from Google Reviews
Great staff! They are really nice and encouraging/motivating. The beds are comfy too!”

WH, from Rehabs.com
“A very professional place. Great food, with great activities to do. They had a very friendly staff and probably the most comfortable bed I have ever slept on. Made a lot of good friends who I am still in contact with today. This place gave me what I needed to build a solid foundation in recovery and am still sober today because of what I learned there.”

Sara, from Google Reviews
“I am so thankful for this facility. My husband has returned home a different person. Happy and sober. He made friends there that he still keeps in touch with and they support one another. He has had his complaints...but nothing serious. Thank you River Oaks!”

Gavin, from Rehabs.com
This facility helped me a lot with my inner problems they were hard on me but for the better good of me to strive for greatness I would recommend this place to anyone.”