Solutions Recovery

Hear From Our Alumni

At Solutions Recovery, our patients’ satisfaction and feedback are important to us, and we use this information to continually improve the quality of our care. We voluntarily and continuously survey our alumni, their families, and our staff about their experiences with our facility and to evaluate our performance.

David, from
"Solutions gave me hope again for my life I was lost I was in a deep hole and didn't know how to get out but Solutions gave me that way out they taught me how to battle my addiction taught me how to realize what triggers are and how to cope with my depression and anxiety..."

Tabitha, from
"It was a great place to help me recover! Some of the staff were so supportive. I learned a lot about myself."

Laural, from
"It's a very simple program, with a great deal of information made available. The counselor I had was crucial to my recovery, fighting hard to get what I needed. The secret to the success of the program? You get what you give. If you're serious about recovery, and willing to do the work, these people can help."

Jeff, from
"I can’t say enough good things about Solutions and Resolutions Staff and programming. The intake process is relatively fast. Detox they allow you to stay at a house with full pantry and meals are prepared for you with Nurses and BHTs on staff 24/7 until your cleared from detox by your Dr. And move to Residential treatment where mornings and afternoons are spent on the newly renovated campus attending various programming classes. What an amazing and positive journey is has been. Highly Recommended!!"

Jay, from Google Reviews
"Fantastic Results! I can't say enough good things about solutions. This place changed my life! Incredible people!"

Patrick, form Google Reviews
"Solutions is amazing! One of the best experiences I've ever had. Their staff really cares while you're there and aftercare is available and readily available. Definitely would recommend to friends and family alike."

Cherbonne, from Google Reviews
"In my experience this program has been incredible. The staff truly cares! They also are on top of your care from the in-house staff that's with you in the houses and on campus to the incredibly talented and knowledgeable Doctors to the alumni staff."

Dennis, from Google Reviews
"During my time at Solutions it was very rewarding. Staff knew exactly how to interact clients, from the CEO to the grounds keeper, it will always be my number one choice for anyone who is seeking a Solutions to their problem... thanks Solutions Recovery you have given me my life back..."