Solutions Recovery

Prospective Patients

At Solutions, we recognize that people may not be comfortable with committing to treatment at a place they haven't seen. That's why we encourage tours of Solutions Recovery, particularly of the residential houses and the main campus. The prospective client or their family will then meet with a medical professional to discuss further steps. The staff at Solutions prefers if you schedule tours in advance, but anyone is welcome to walk in during business hours.


Our admission process is handled by a comprehensive team. You’re greeted with professionalism and compassion. There is no judgment or shame. Patients are picked up from the airport by a member of the Solutions staff or greeted at the facility. Upon arrival, the patient will be introduced to the admissions team.

Members of the admissions team will assist patients with their intake paperwork, obtain the patient’s vitals and will thoroughly explain how the treatment process will work. The patient will meet with a masters-level therapist to develop their treatment plan. Each level of care is discussed so the patient fully understands their recovery journey.


Patients are served 3 meals per day and prepare meals with support from staff. Kitchens are fully stocked and staff provides groceries as needed. Dietary restrictions and accommodations can be made for each patient. Each week, a registered dietician holds a cooking class and teaches patients healthy eating tips and techniques.

Housing details

Patients are housed in private, comfortable residential treatment homes in selected neighborhoods throughout the Las Vegas valley. The homes are 4,000 square-feet with at least 5 bedrooms on a half an acre. The homes offer a relaxing living space and onsite staff. Solutions believes that the comfort and well-being of its residents is of the utmost importance for their recovery journey. Single-occupancy rooms can be arranged, but 2 to 3 beds per room is standard. Housing is gender-specific except during detox. Laundry is available and maid service is provided

Amenities overview

Each home has a swimming pool, hot tub, flat screen televisions. Each house is different in its own way and some may have meditation room, fire pit, and game room.


Because connectivity is so important, patients may bring and use their electronic devices during free hours. We provide free Wi-Fi to all patients and guests.

For Families


We believe this is a family disease and understand the importance of family communication. Each patient’s treatment team will reach out to designated family members and loved ones throughout the treatment episode.


Addiction is a family disease and each family member is affected in some way. That’s why at Solutions, the family is integrated into the recovery journey. The family is involved in individual family counseling and multi-family treatment. Solutions recognizes that families need to be educated about addiction and they need to heal, too. Addiction treatment is more effective when the individual has family support, involvement and education about the rehabilitation process and recovery goals after treatment.

  • Wednesday evenings from 7-8 p.m. is family group night. This is a supportive group open to the community and the patients’ family members and loved ones. The patient will not be present, however, it will be an educational research tool for the family to use while their loved one is receiving treatment.
  • Saturdays from 9 a.m. – 2 p.m., families can attend an educational group with the patient. There is a catered lunch from noon to 2 p.m. which consists of free time with the patient and their families. Children 13 and over are encouraged to participate.

Visiting your loved one

During your loved one’s treatment, we can work with you to plan a visit. Your loved one’s treatment team will provide you with all of the information you need to schedule your visit. Families are also encouraged to engage with the patient during their treatment over the phone via phone or Skype.