Townsend Recovery Center

A Slice of New Orleans Life

Townsend Recovery Center is located in a brand new $130 million-dollar state of the art hospital in New Orleans, Louisiana – recently named the #1 travel destination in the U.S. The birthplace of Jazz, the hub for Creole cuisine and a window into the colonial past of America, New Orleans is a welcoming city with a rich cultural heritage that patients will be able to engage with throughout their stay. As a patient, you will have the opportunity to go on cultural and educational adventures to nearby attractions, and in-house you will be shown the authentic food, music, and southern hospitality the city has on offer.

Genetic Testing for All Patients

Townsend’s PAGES (Personalized Addiction Genetics Education System) hones into the five genes specific to the disease of addiction giving patients a true diagnostic panel helping them feel better faster. Townsend Recovery Center uses AAC’s cutting-edge Addiction Labs of America in order to provide patients with specialized treatment plans based on their personal genetic codes. This practice, known as pharmacogenetics, helps determine the most effective medications and facilitates faster brain healing.

Immediate Care in your Moment of Truth

24/7/365, Townsend Recovery Center has medical staff on call, and can offer same day admissions so that you don’t have to wait to feel better fast. Townsend Recovery Center espouses the disease model of addiction, and in doing so places an urgency on healing, acceptance, and recovery.

Townsend is the very best at raising the bottom for patients so that they do not have to lose everything as the result of this chronic and progressive illness. Townsend “meets patients where they are,” no matter how far addiction has progressed in their lives. Townsend is a shame-free, guilt-free, judgment free environment from the moment patients walk in the door. Adopting this attitude in individual and group sessions alike, Townsend instills hope and confidence in its patients, helping prepare them for life after treatment—a life free from addiction.

State of the Art Methods

Townsend’s advances in treatment include the proprietary use of genetic technology, the utility of our cognitive diagnostic model (cognitive testing) and a robust, personalized curriculum. Townsend has been recognized by several organizations, most notably the Louisiana Association of Substance Abuse Counselors and Trainers, who, in 2016, rated Townsend number one when it comes to outcomes delivery services, customer/patient satisfaction, and consumer report.

Levels of Care

Inpatient (30 Days) Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP)

Medically Supervised Detoxification with withdrawal management

Townsend uses medication assisted treatment (MAT) for withdrawal management. This includes comfort medications, medications to prevent opioid withdrawal symptoms (Suboxone, Subutex, and other buprenorphine medications), naltrexone, and Vivitrol.

Townsend also offers the Auricular Bridge for opioid withdrawal management. Placed behind the ear, electrodes along the lobe of the ear target areas of the brain that are related to opioid withdrawal symptoms such as sweats, anxiety and nausea. The device is placed for five days, which leads to a dramatic decrease in opioid withdrawal symptoms.

Co-occurring mental health disorders

Townsend Recovery Center is able to better treat individuals with schizoaffective disorder, depression, and general anxiety disorder through our multi-layered diagnostic platform and our robust medical capability. We can treat each individual disease as needed. Patients will be accepted on a case-to-case basis.

Our Staff & Credentials

At Townsend, our treatment team of professionals consists of licensed therapists, board-certified physicians, and registered nurses with a combined 300 years of experience with detoxification, stabilization, withdrawal management and psychiatric care. The nursing staff-to-patient ratio is 1:4.

Tim Palus, CEO

Tim Palus has extensive experience in the behavioral health field. Over the course of his career, which spans more than three decades, Palus has established inpatient and outpatient behavioral health and substance abuse services in over 20 states. His career in behavioral health began during a crossroads – after receiving his bachelor’s and prior to receiving his master’s, Tim worked as a nursing assistant at a psychiatric hospital. The experiences he had and the things he saw inspired and galvanized him towards continuing his career in this field. After asking himself, ‘what can I do to make things better for these individuals?’ his future in behavioral health was cemented. Tim has worked with various vulnerable populations in addition to addiction including children, adolescents, geriatrics and troubled youth. Working with such a wide variety of individuals has allowed him to relate to patients in ways that others could not. This experience took Tim across the country where he became instrumental in the success of many behavioral health care facilities in almost half of the states in this country.

Natashia Cheatham, COO

The dynamic nature and experience that Cheatham brings to Townsend Treatment Centers is second to none. Despite being in her early 30s, her background and wisdom in the behavioral healthcare field rivals those twice her age. In her career, she has held a multitude of operational roles in organizational behavior, patient relations, logistics and personnel development. Prior to her position as COO, Natashia served as director of operations for a number of years and even acted as Townsend’s interim CEO. Her thorough understanding of both Townsend and the community, of which she is from, allows for a unique familiarity that is hard to come by or emulate.

Dr. Angela Jubert, Medical Director

Dr. Angela Jubert’s passion to help others achieve sobriety begins with her own struggle with addiction, which is the reason why she is a strong believer in second chances. Today, Dr. Jubert is the Medical Director of Townsend Recovery Center in New Orleans located at New Orleans East Hospital. In her role, she oversees the medical aspect of care that patients receive and is greatly involved in pharmacogenetics and the implementation of new technology that helps patients maintain long-term recovery. In her opinion, those with the disease of addiction deserve to recover just as an individual with heart disease or diabetes. Dr. Jubert uses her personal experience to relate to patients on multiple levels. She considers her sobriety as an asset because patients can feel comfortable opening up without the fear of being judged, which helps with their treatment.

Rusty Phillips, Director of Clinical Services

Rusty Phillips is the director of clinical services for Townsend Treatment Centers’ nine locations throughout Louisiana. For nearly 20 years, Rusty has worked in healthcare administration with an incredible amount of responsibilities. Prior to his career in addiction treatment, he was a social worker, director in the behavioral health field, supervised psychiatric nurses and managed financial operations to name a few. To anyone who knows him, Rusty’s propensity to care so intently for others is natural. The youngest of two sons, his parents raised him with an emphasis on helping others, living authentically and leading through service to others. Rusty feels he has found his calling in addiction treatment where the sight of a changed life is seen every day.

Our Accreditations

The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care Townsend Recovery Center is accredited by The Joint Commission for Behavioral Health Care, an internationally-recognized symbol of healthcare quality and the gold standard of care for the industry. This accreditation signifies that, through external, unbiased evaluation, we have met or exceeded The Joint Commission’s standards for providing addiction treatment for all of the levels of care offered at Townsend Recovery Center, including high acuity medical detox.