Townsend Treatment Centers

“It’s Not Rehab. It’s Townsend!”

Townsend operates the largest and most comprehensive network of Intensive Outpatient (IOP) treatment facilities in Louisiana, with seven locations covering the state from the Texas border to the Mississippi border. These facilities are an alternative to traditional residential treatment, offering ambulatory detoxification services and treatment. Thousands of patients have completed the Townsend IOP program and there is an extensive alumni network in Louisiana and beyond.

Townsend Intensive Outpatient Treatment is different from the rest because of the “Townsend Way” of treatment, which includes the following:

  • Intensive Outpatient Treatment at Townsend is a primary level of care, meaning patients can start treatment in this level of care and do not need to go to a higher level of care to begin treatment.
  • Patients don’t need to go away to “rehab” to get treatment for addiction.
  • Convenient and discrete locations in seven South Louisiana cities.
  • Patients sleep in their own beds at night while in treatment.
  • Patients can continue to work or go to school while in treatment. Treatment can be completed in the evening so that work and school is not disrupted.
  • Highly discrete and nobody needs to know they’re in treatment.
  • Feel better fast with outpatient ambulatory detoxification services. This means that Townsend physicians can prescribe medications that help patients avoid typical withdrawal symptoms in early treatment. Medical detox services, withdrawal management and stabilization services are all offered in our outpatient clinics.

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)

Intensive outpatient programs are a flexible, effective way for clients to engage in treatment and work towards recovery, while still keeping up with work, school, and family obligations. Clients participate in individual and group therapies, all of which are customized based on the patient’s needs.

Genetic Testing for All Patients

Townsend’s PAGES (Personalized Addiction Genetics Education System) hones into the 5 genes specific to the disease of addiction giving patients a true diagnostic panel helping them feel better faster. Townsend IOP uses AAC’s cutting-edge Addiction Labs of America in order to provide patients with specialized treatment plans based on their personal genetic codes. This practice, known as pharmacogenetics, helps determine the most effective medications and facilitates faster brain healing.

Immediate Care in your Moment of Truth

24/7/365, Townsend IOP has staff on call, and can offer same day admissions so that you don’t have to wait to feel better fast. Townsend IOP espouses the disease model of addiction, and in doing so places an urgency on healing, acceptance, and recovery. Townsend is the very best at raising the bottom for patients so that they do not have to lose everything as the result of this chronic and progressive illness. Townsend “meets patients where they are,” no matter how far addiction has progressed in their lives.

Townsend is a shame-free, guilt-free, judgment-free environment from the moment patients walk in the door. By adopting this attitude in individual and group sessions alike, Townsend instills hope and confidence in its patients, helping prepare them for life after treatment—a life free from addiction.

State of the Art Methods

Townsend’s advances in treatment include the proprietary use of genetic technology, the utility of our cognitive diagnostic model (cognitive testing) and a robust, personalized curriculum. Townsend has been recognized by several organizations, most notably the Louisiana Association of Substance Abuse Counselors and Trainers, who, in 2016, rated Townsend number one when it comes to outcomes delivery services, customer/patient satisfaction, and consumer report.