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In this safe and supportive space, we invite you to unburden your journey, reflecting on the challenges faced, the pivotal moments of transformation, and the hope that illuminated your path to recovery. By sharing your story, you not only break the silence surrounding addiction but also become a beacon for others seeking solace and inspiration in their own battles.

How to Submit

Submit you story by email to subject line: Share My Story


  • Content Guidelines: We welcome personal stories related to addiction, recovery, and supporting loved ones through their journey. Your story can include struggles, triumphs, setbacks, lessons learned, and insights gained. However, please refrain from using any identifying information about others without their consent.
  • Anonymity: You have the option to submit your story anonymously. If you choose to remain anonymous, please indicate this clearly in your submission.
  • Length: There is no strict word limit for submissions, but we encourage concise storytelling. Aim to communicate your experiences effectively without unnecessary elaboration.
  • Sensitive Content: While we encourage honesty and authenticity, please be mindful of potentially triggering content. If your story includes sensitive topics, consider including a content warning at the beginning of your submission.
  • Language: Use respectful and non-offensive language in your submissions. Avoid derogatory terms or language that could be deemed discriminatory or harmful.
  • Editing: We reserve the right to edit submissions for clarity, grammar, and readability while maintaining the integrity of your story. However, we will not alter the essence or meaning of your narrative without your consent.
  • Submission Consent: By submitting your story, you grant us the non-exclusive right to publish and share it on our website and associated platforms. You retain the copyright to your story and may request its removal from our platform at any time.

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