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This Memorial Day, Don’t Let Addiction Ruin Your Holiday Weekend

Memorial Day weekend is here, and we know that holidays and family gatherings can be difficult for those struggling with addiction. Old […]

Finding the Courage to Accept Serenity

May 15, 2019

I had two choices: addiction or freedom. It took me far too long to decide which path to choose. I had convinced […]

Purdue Pharma and the Sackler Family Fall from Grace

May 13, 2019

When we last left Purdue Pharma and its Sackler family owners, they were deliberating a new line of products. It was the […]

The Roots of the Opioid Epidemic

April 29, 2019

Is the opioid crisis a recent phenomenon or did it unfold over time? According to a CNN timeline, the opioid problem surfaced […]

Leaving Rehab Early

April 26, 2019

It can be days, weeks, months, or years before you notice your loved one has an addiction problem. It can take even longer […]

Pharma Execs Face Charges for Role in Opioid Distribution Scandal

April 26, 2019

New Charges in the Opioid Arena  As the United States continues to endure the worst of the opioid epidemic, the nation has […]

Help for Parents Who Are Enabling Addiction

April 26, 2019

There’s a difference between loving a person with addiction and enabling, and enabling is more common than you think. The goal of […]

3 Reasons Traveling to Drug Rehab Works Best

April 25, 2019

I’m often asked, “Is it better for a person to go to drug or alcohol rehab close to home or far away […]

Walls of Desperation

April 22, 2019

What We Think It’s a hard life we live as first responders, and hard people are required to live it. We convince […]

AAC Treatment Centers Host Town Halls on Underage Drinking

April 16, 2019

Although national studies show that underage alcohol use has steadily declined since 2002, there were still 7.4 million drinkers between the ages […]

Dwelling on It

April 10, 2019

Beginning the process of recovery is the hard part. The rest comes naturally. If you make the effort to get rid of […]

Drug Overdose Deaths from Fentanyl Soar

April 5, 2019

In April 2016, rock legend Prince, suffering from intense hip pain, consumed a Vicodin for relief. Shortly afterward, he overdosed and died […]

The FDA Calls for Just the Facts about Opioids…Finally

March 26, 2019

Well, the time has come at long last; the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) has stepped in to the opioid epidemic arena. And […]

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