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The Opioid Epidemic Cost the U.S. Economy $2.5 Trillion in 4 Years

Opioid Epidemic Cost the Economy 2.5 Trillion Dollars It’s a well-known fact just how much the opioid epidemic has cost us in […]

Is Cannabis Safe during Pregnancy?

October 31, 2019

As legal cannabis becomes more common, studies are beginning to emerge regarding the safety of taking the substance. One recent study at […]

Alcohol Firms Promote Moderation, Rely on Abuse

October 30, 2019

It’s no secret that alcohol manufacturers are reliant on people drinking to keep the lights on. As more and more people become […]

What’s Your Level of Pain? I Said ‘6’

October 28, 2019

It started out as a routine annual screening. Weeks later, on October 17, 2019, to be exact, I was in a hospital […]

Staff Spotlight: Handling Every Call from a Veteran with Utmost Care

October 28, 2019

It’s not easy for a veteran to place a call to American Addiction Centers (AAC) to ask for help. “When someone goes […]

Ethyl Alcohol – Suicide’s Closest Friend

October 28, 2019

People talk about suicide, and how first responders are particularly vulnerable. They talk about PTSD, and peer counseling, and the importance of […]

Staff Spotlight: Saluting ‘Salute to Recovery’

October 28, 2019

“Veterans are my heart,” says Alana Conley, who talks about the soft spot she has for members of the military. It derives […]

Big Pharma Settles Out of Landmark Opioid Case

October 22, 2019

A pattern is emerging as more cases against opioid drug manufacturers and distributors are set to head to trial; settlements are being […]

Statistics of Drug Use in High School

October 14, 2019

Drug use in high school can have serious impacts on the developing bodies and brains of teenagers. Here are some statistics concerning […]

Commission-Only Jobs and Increased Risk of Substance Abuse

October 14, 2019

Stress Among Commission-Based Workers When you work in commission-only jobs, you truly must earn your money. Although this type of sales provides […]

Construction Workers Among the Most Susceptible to Opioid Abuse

October 14, 2019

Construction Workers Suffer from Work-Related Injuries Working in construction is very dangerous. Construction workers engage in many daily activities that expose them […]

Drug Use and Addiction Among High Earning Professionals

October 14, 2019

More Money, More Problems? High earning professionals, such as executives and senior managers, usually have very stressful, anxiety-riddled, and sleep-deprived careers. These […]

The Entertainment Industry and Addiction in America

October 14, 2019

From movies to music and everywhere in between, pop culture and entertainment influence how we behave and what we view as acceptable. […]

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