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Does Depersonalization/Derealization Disorder Cause Drug or Alcohol Abuse?

Depersonalization/derealization disorder is a mental health disorder in which a person feels detached from their own body, mental processes, or surroundings.1 Temporary episodes of depersonalization/derealization are common in the general population. However, the disorder only occurs in about 2% of the population, and affects men and women equally.1 Though there are not many published research […]

July 25th is National Hire a Veteran Day
Jul 15, 2024

On July 25th, we commemorate National Hire a Veteran Day, a day dedicated to recognizing the invaluable skills and experiences that Veterans bring to the workforce. Honed through service to our country, Veterans possess highly desirable qualities such as leadership, discipline, teamwork, and problem-solving abilities—invaluable assets in any industry. As these brave men and women […]

July is Minority Mental Health Awareness Month
Jun 17, 2024

Mental Health in the United States Mental health includes our emotional, psychological, and social well-being, and taking care of it is as important as taking care of your physical health. Did you know that more than 1 in 5 adults, aged 18 or older, in the United States live with a mental illness? That’s nearly […]

Meth Street Names, Nicknames, and Slang Terms
Jun 6, 2024

Understanding Methamphetamine Illegal methamphetamine is created in meth labs by combining a number of harsh chemicals like household cleaners and ingredients common in powerful cough medicines. Due to the ease of obtaining these ingredients, homemade meth became a massive problem in rural America, resulting in widespread addiction, a rash of overdose cases, and incidents of […]

How Meth Affects the Female Body
Jun 6, 2024

Articles in the media show that use of crystal meth by young adult females has seen a steady increase in recent years.1 Also increasing is the number of young women facing depression. Meth provides an easy way to cope with these unwanted feelings as it provides a euphoric sensation and decreases inhibitions – but this […]

Crystal Meth Use in the Gay Community
Jun 6, 2024

Crystal meth remains a popular drug in the young LGBTQ community because users mistakenly believe it can enhance their experiences and help them have fun. The statistics on crystal meth use in the gay community are worrisome. In some parts of the country, this drug caused havoc among the gay population, especially in major metropolitan […]

Is There a Difference between Concerta and Ritalin?
May 9, 2024

Central nervous stimulants, like Concerta and Ritalin, have been prescribed for decades to help treat the effects of ADHD in adolescents and adults. Many people wonder “is there a difference between Concerta and Ritalin?” Read on to learn more about these medications, how they work, and what to do if you or someone you love […]

Meth Addiction: Facts, Statistics & How Meth Changes You
May 9, 2024

Meth Facts & Statistics Methamphetamine, or meth, is a powerful and addictive stimulant drug. The National Treatment Episode Data Set (TEDS) reports that in 2014 approximately 53 people per 100,000 were receiving care at a specialized addiction treatment facility for issues involving methamphetamine. As of 2021, around 6 percent of the American population (aged 12 […]

Is Methylphenidate Anything Like Cocaine?
May 9, 2024

Methylphenidate Vs. Cocaine Methylphenidate is the active ingredient in two major drugs used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD): Ritalin and Concerta. Ritalin is the immediate-release form of methylphenidate, whereas Concerta is the extended-release form of the drug. Methylphenidate is classified as a central nervous system stimulant or psychostimulant medication. It is a Schedule II […]

What Does Crack Look Like? How to Identify Crack Cocaine: Look, Feel, and Smell
Apr 25, 2024

What Does Crack Cocaine Look Like? The process of turning cocaine into crack cocaine produces crystals, called “rocks.” These range in color from clear-white or opaque white to off-white or yellow. They vary in size and shape, too. Changes in color may be related to adulterants, including caffeine, sugar, lactose, or other drugs like levamisole, […]

Slang and Nicknames for Cocaine
Apr 15, 2024

The intoxicant is extracted from the coco plant, which originated in the Andean highlands of South America.1 Natives chewed the leaves or brewed them into a tea to combat fatigue for thousands of years before the Spaniards arrived on their doorstep.2 The pure chemical of cocaine hydrochloride was first extracted in the mid 1900s, and it […]

Adderall vs. Modafinil: How Do They Compare?
Apr 12, 2024

Adderall Adderall is the brand name of a combined form of two drugs: amphetamine and dextroamphetamine. This combination of drugs has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for the treatment of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and the sleep disorder narcolepsy (a disorder where a person may experience sleep attacks during the […]

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