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Getting Started

For the life of me, I cannot figure out why it took me so long to tackle my addictions. If I knew […]

The Most Important Person

January 14, 2019

A big part of avoiding sobriety is the fear that we will disappoint everybody who has come to know us as a […]

Our Inability to Understand Our Addictions Keeps Us Addicted

January 3, 2019

This thing, this pesky little thing, this thing we know we will have to face sooner or later, will not go away […]

Romancing the drink

January 2, 2019

We look back, us alcoholics, far more often than we look ahead. The past is where the fun is, the excitement and […]

Controlling the Power

November 27, 2018

If I had a dollar for every minute that I spent struggling with the concept that I am powerless I would be […]


November 13, 2018

Knowing that I have to power to control my addictions is great. I knew I had the power for the twenty-five years […]

Treatment for Life

October 31, 2018

I used to think addiction was something everybody handled, or not. For half of my life I lived with shame bred from […]

Desperate then, Sober Now

October 31, 2018

Living a life in recovery is never without a bit of self-examination. After the initial euphoria of sobriety dies down and life […]

Getting Away With It

October 31, 2018

You might be the one who gets away with it. You may beat the odds, and make it to old age with […]

Giving Yourself the Gift of Sobriety

October 31, 2018

Deciding to stop doing whatever it is you have become addicted to is great. I decided to stop drinking pretty much right […]

Addicted To Not Being Addicted

October 26, 2018

I can trade one addiction for another like I change my underwear. The longer I live the more I realize that it […]

AAC Upgrades Recovery Community Websites

October 3, 2018

American Addiction Centers (“AAC”), a leading operator of addiction treatment facilities across the United States, today announced rebranding and content enhancements to […]

Is Comparison Killing Your Recovery? Learn How to Break Free Now

August 8, 2018

It is human nature to compare yourself to others, especially people you respect, who you feel have some form of control over […]

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