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Aetna Insurance Coverage & Addiction Treatment

I have Aetna Insurance, will my addition treatment be covered?

At American Addiction Centers (AAC), we offer different levels of care for those with substance abuse and addiction. We are in-network with many insurance companies including Aetna. Which means that your addiction treatment could be covered depending on your policy.

How to Check Aetna Coverage

Aetna is has many different insurance plans with different levels of coverage. Depending on you plan your addition treatment could be covered. AAC has facilities across the country, offering different levels of care. To learn more about AAC’s treatment options give us a call at , or you can verify your insurance by filling out the form below.

American Addiction Centers strives to provide you with the most updated information on each carriers’ addiction insurance coverage but policy changes and errors do occur. Please check with your insurance carrier directly to confirm coverage levels.

What Is Aetna Insurance & How Does It Work?

Founded in 1853 and active in all 50 states, Aetna’s network coverage includes 1.2 million healthcare professionals, almost 700,000 primary care doctors and specialist and over 5,700 hospitals.1

The company has over 46 million members in its various health plans, including regular health insurance, dental insurance, and vision insurance.2

Types of Aetna Insurance Plans

Aetna offers open-access plans, copay only plans, and high-deductible plans.3

  • Open-access plans allow you to choose your doctors; they don’t require a referral, and they don’t require a primary care physician.
  • Copay-only plans will guarantee that your costs after paying your deductible are only copays, with primary care physician visits and generic drugs covered before you hit your deductible.
  • High-deductible plans offer preventative care services before the deductible is met, sometimes coverage through a primary care physician before the deductible is met (with copay), and the option of a health savings account. To view your plan’s details, you can log into the member website.

Aetna offers many local plans supported by the national network of providers to better support patients at the community level. For example, at American Addiction Centers, our facilities frequently provide care for patients of Schaller Anderson Aetna Better Health networks of New York4 and Ohio.5

Does Aetna Cover Mental Health and Substance Abuse?

To learn more about your health coverage through Aetna member account;6 online program that allows you to view your coverage details, make claims, search for providers, and much more.

Simply logging in gives you access to a wide variety of resources for Aetna users. You can also visit the Find a Doctor7 portion of their website to search for providers. You can find information on all types of providers there, including professionals and centers that treat substance abuse and substance addiction.

For mental and behavioral health problems8, you are given access to psychiatrists, psychologists, counselors, therapists, social workers, psychiatric nurse practitioners, and primary care doctors. In many cases, mental health problems can co-occur with substance abuse, it is important to address mental health concerns if you are seeking care for substance abuse and addiction.

Aetna Substance Abuse Coverage

If you have Aetna health insurance, you may be covered for the following alcohol and drug treatments:9

  • Detoxification
  • Inpatient/residential rehabilitation
  • Partial hospital treatment
  • Intensive outpatient treatment
  • Continuing care programs (“alumni” programs)

Check your specific plan, or contact an Aetna representative, to confirm your level of coverage, if any, for out-of-network providers.

To learn more about your coverage with Aetna, call the number on your insurance card or logon to Aetna’s website to learn more. For questions about drug or alcohol substance abuse coverage contact your insurance provider for more information.

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