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Greenhouse Outpatient Treatment Center

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Greenhouse Treatment Center’s outpatient addiction program provides treatment that meets your individual needs but also allows you flexibility to fulfill work, school, or home responsibilities outside of treatment.

Our 90 Day Promise

In the event of a relapse at any time post-treatment, we will provide qualified individuals with up to 30 days of treatment at no cost to you.*

*Terms and conditions may apply, and results may vary.

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Payment and Insurance Options

A variety of payment and insurance options are available. Greenhouse Treatment Center is part of the Blue Distinction program with Blue Cross Blue Shield. The Blue Distinction is a national designation given by Blue Cross and Blue Shield (BCBS) companies to recognize providers that demonstrate expertise in delivering quality specialty care—safely, effectively, and cost-efficiently.

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Outpatient Programs at Greenhouse: What to Expect

Therapy occurs in multiple formats at Greenhouse and may include:

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy sessions delve into topics that explore your addiction history, provide you with coping skills to address the addiction, and aftercare planning.

Group Therapy

Many therapy sessions take place in group settings, which allows you to explore issues and process your recovery in a safe, peer-supported atmosphere. These peer relationships can be beneficial in recovery, helping you feel less isolated and gleaning from the experiences of others who have been in similar shoes.

Family Therapy

Family involvement can be an essential part of your recovery. Encouragement and support from spouses, partners, family members, children, and other loved ones can positively impact your recovery.

Other Services Offered as Part of Greenhouse Treatment Center’s Outpatient Program

Medical Monitoring

If necessary, medical care in the form of psychiatric sessions, medication management, and the monitoring of an ongoing health issue like hypertension or diabetes can be addressed as part of the outpatient program at Greenhouse.


In therapeutic groups—held in a classroom environment—you learn recovery strategies to use following the completion of your treatment.

12-Step Programs

Attendance in the 12-Step meetings, which have proven to help people in their recovery, is encouraged but optional.

Paying for Treatment

AAC accepts many insurance plans and can work with you on a manageable payment plan.

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We accept various health insurance plans and can work with you on creating a manageable payment plan to fund your treatment stay at .

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