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Drug Rehab Success Stories: True Stories About Addiction Recovery

Listen and read about real stories from real people who have attended an American Addiction Centers (AAC) facility for substance abuse treatment and recovery.

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Here are just two of many positive reviews about treatment and recovery at an AAC facility.

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My experience at Adcare was immaculate. I came in detoxing off of Fentanyl, with no desire to change my ways. The detox staff were very supportive, they did everything they could to make me feel comfortable with the withdrawals. When I got to residential, my brain did a 180, and I decided i wanted to make the change. There were a plethora of groups to go to, you could speak to a counselor anytime, the community was very supportive, and it was overall just a positive rehab facility. I recommend Adcare over ANY rehabilitation place in rhode island. Do not hesitate to make a call.

I am over 2 years clean from a 7 year IV heroin addiction

“River oaks saved my life! Thanks to them the outstanding work they did with me I am over 2 years clean from a 7 year IV heroin addiction. I now work at a rehab and help others! The techs were amazing I try to be similar to them with my own work. Empathetic kind and compassionate. The nurses were great. They helped me get through such an tough time and always went the extra mile. The therapist really helped me work through my issues. As a child I was sent to two rehab facilities each were shut down due to abuse so I was very hesitant to go to treatment. This place really opened my eyes! I’d rather my family member go here than anywhere else.”

Drug Rehab Success Stories

Our alumni have come from all over the country with different and unique challenges. Here are their stories.

Road to Recovery

Watch this in-depth look at Dominic’s incredible story of reclaiming his life from drug addiction at our Las Vegas facility, Desert Hope. This is a story about overcoming extreme hardship and hopelessness through compassion and perseverance. His commitment to treatment ultimately led to a life in recovery.

Part 1: Dominic’s Story

Part 2: Finding Hope

Part 3: Life in Recovery

Veteran Program

Our Veteran program is dedicated to helping military Veterans and first responders develop solid strategies to promote positive decision-making and permanent healthy lifestyle changes.

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