How Long Is Rehab? Drug and Alcohol Rehab Lengths

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The average length of stay
Variables affecting the length of rehab
How long insurance will cover

When it comes to substance abuse treatment, the length of stay varies and will depend on the level of care needed. Safe, medical detoxification to help patients through the symptoms of withdrawal can last anywhere from a few days to weeks (typically averaging about 7+ days). Thereafter, more long-term and live-in inpatient treatment centers near you may be needed to ensure long-term recovery. Common lengths of stay for substance abuse treatment include:

What Impacts the Drug and Alcohol Rehab Length of Stay?

Variables that may affect the length of stay include:

  • Cost and insurance coverage: Depending on whether your insurance may be able to cover all or part of the cost of treatment, the length of stay may be limited due to the affordability of treatment.
  • The level of care needed: Whether you need detox, a live-in inpatient program, or a more part-time outpatient program, the length of treatment may vary.

Other concerns like childcare and employment may impact the length of stay that one is comfortable with as well. If you would like to learn more about the best length of stay for your situation, give us a call at

How Much Rehab Will Insurance Cover?

Insurance coverage varies based on your individual plan. Most insurance providers will cover at least part of the cost of rehab. Some of the more notable insurance providers that may be able to cover at least part of the cost of rehab include: Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Anthem, Cigna, Humana, and more. Additionally, there are also state-funded options such as Medicaid programs that may be able to help with the cost of rehab as well. To find out if your insurance provider may be able to cover the cost of rehab, fill in our insurance verification form below.

The Benefits of Longer Rehab Programs

The advantages of longer-term treatment programs, is that they allow patients more time to:

  • Become acclimated to the treatment process
  • Partake in programs after detox to create long-term goals
  • Live in a supportive, medically supervised environment away from their at-home, environmental triggers
  • Understand their addictions and triggers on a deeper level through guided therapy

These advantages afford patients a higher chance of a better outcome after leaving rehab.

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