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United Healthcare Insurance Coverage for Rehab Treatment

Yes. United Healthcare covers drug and alcohol rehab.
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Does United Healthcare Cover Drug or Alcohol Rehab?

UnitedHealth Group Insurance typically does cover drug and alcohol rehab and other substance use treatment programs. However, UnitedHealth Group insurance coverage can vary in range and breadth depending on your specific coverage plan, location, and chosen provider. Call the number on your insurance card to verify your coverage and find approved United Healthcare rehabs near you.

Addiction: How to Check My Coverage

As mentioned, there are multiple rehab centers that accept United Healthcare insurance across the United States. In fact, United Healthcare substance use benefits are generally recognized and authorized at most of American Addiction Centers’ (AAC) facilities. We offer treatment for substance use and co-occurring health issues in states across the country. To learn more about AAC’s United Healthcare inpatient rehab coverage options or other forms of addiction treatment, give us a call at . Or you can verify your insurance by filling out the form below.

What to Expect

Reasons you should contact us or fill in our form:

  • Confidentiality: Whether you decide to call us or fill in our insurance verification form, your information is protected by HIPAA.
  • Ease of Use: Let us remove the confusion and difficulty of verifying your insurance coverage. We have years of experience in the addiction space and contracts with many of the large insurance providers. By giving us your name, contact information, and insurance provider, we can communicate directly with your insurance company to find out if you are in-network with our facilities, the length of stay covered, and more without the hassle of having you contact them directly.

After you fill in our form, one of our compassionate admissions navigators will be in touch to verify your information, answer any questions, and help you develop a treatment plan.

United Healthcare Addiction Treatment Coverage Details

Drug and alcohol treatment are generally covered under UnitedHealth Group and United Healthcare plans, but the exact benefits and coverage offered depend on your policy. For inpatient treatment, most plans cover inpatient detox for alcohol or benzodiazepine dependence, as detoxing from these substances can be medically dangerous and medical supervision is needed to prevent complications.

United Healthcare substance use coverage generally hinges upon the scope of your plan,  treatment provider, and your specific treatment needs.

It’s important to speak with your insurance company to find rehabs that take United Healthcare insurance and what your estimated out-of-pocket costs might be. Again, your options for treatment coverage depend on your plan and the types of addiction treatment you are seeking. The UnitedHealthcare PPO network is extensive, and it’s likely that you will find a network provider close to you. You can search on the UnitedHealthcare website for providers.

Verifying Your Untied Healthcare Insurance Benefits

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To see which benefits are offered for substance use treatment under your plan, you can call the number listed on the back of your card. You can also view the website listed on your insurance card and log in to your member profile to discover United Healthcare drug and alcohol rehabs that may be right for you.

If you are a retiree, UnitedHealthcare offers Medicare advantage plans, Medicare Part D, and Medicare supplemental plans.8 In addition, UnitedHealthcare offers coverage for many federal employees.9 Optum also offers Medicare advantage plans.10

Furthermore, in many areas of the country, Optum has partnered with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to provide healthcare to Veterans.11 Each of these plans has different benefits, so if you are a retiree or Veteran, it is important to check directly with your UnitedHealthcare or Optum provider to determine coverage and benefits for substance use treatment.

If you are a Veteran, learn more about addiction treatment options AAC provides.

Find United Healthcare Substance Abuse Programs


United Healthcare Plan Details

The healthcare plans offered through UnitedHealthcare vary from state to state and offer several tiers of coverage, but in general, UnitedHealthcare offers 3 levels of care:2,3,4,5

  • UnitedHealthcare Choice: This level offers in-network coverage with 895,000-plus providers nationwide. There is no coverage for out-of-network providers.
  • UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus: This level offers cost savings to stay in the UnitedHealthcare network and provides less coverage for out-of-network providers.
  • UnitedHealthcare Options PPO: This level offers savings for out-of-pocket costs when using a member of the preferred provider network.

Location is generally not a barrier to seeking treatment with UnitedHealthcare as long as you choose an in-network provider. With UnitedHealthcare Choice Plus or UnitedHealthcare Options PPO, you can still choose an out-of-network provider, but the co-pay will be higher.

For Optum Care, which is available in select states, primary care is available through a network of primary care physicians and specialists. For example, in Nevada, Optum Care works with Medicare Advantage recipients.6 In Massachusetts, Optum Care works with the Reliant Health network of physicians. In both cases, the networks accept a multitude of insurance plans.7

Provider Overview

About United Healthcare Group Insurance

UnitedHealth Group (also known as UHC) is comprised of 2 companies—UnitedHealthcare and Optum—and offers healthcare plans in all 50 states and 130 countries.1 UnitedHealthcare provides healthcare insurance for over 28 million Americans. Since 1974, UnitedHealth Group has grown and evolved with the changes in healthcare and technology.

UnitedHealthcare provides healthcare coverage and benefits services. Optum offers information and technology-enabled health services.



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