Upscale & Luxury Rehab for Drug and Alcohol Addiction

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A comfortable and luxurious rehab setting may help ease the struggles associated with the process of addiction recovery. Find out why an upscale rehab center may be right for you.

When addiction strikes the wealthy or the rich, it can be tempting to simply choose a luxury rehab facility that comes with the biggest price tag. In reality, the cost of a high-end facility isn't always related to the care or privacy that facility can deliver. Rather than honing in on cost right away, it is best to examine what services, therapies, and amenities the upscale facility delivers—as well as its overall success rate.

While the quality of the care offered by at a luxury rehabilitation center is the paramount consideration, exclusive treatment centers tend to offer comfortable accommodations and amenities that can encourage clientele to remain engaged in treatment for longer periods.

What you will learn:
Common luxury rehab accommodations, settings, and offerings.
How to find the best luxury rehab center for you.
Where to find exclusive and high-end drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

Luxury Rehab Settings and Accommodations

RIVEROAKS_fountainResearch shows that people with a higher socioeconomic status are not immune from the issues that drive drug misuse and addiction. A study from the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs demonstrated that young adults from more affluent homes were more likely to binge drink and use marijuana, while their rates of other drug use were not statistically different from those of other socioeconomic classes.1

High-end rehab centers, often shown on celebrity entertainment programs and in reality television shows, provide treatment amid lavish living in secluded locations. Beaches, mountain resorts, and country manors alike offer lush accommodations with private rooms and beautiful grounds. Besides low staff-to-patient ratios, these luxury facilities boast spa-like activities and create a soothing experience that can seem more like a vacation than a substance use treatment program.

These high-end facilities also often provide executive treatment programs that cater to CEOs, celebrities, athletes and individuals who may need to continue conducting business while undergoing rehab. Computer and business centers, and availability of outside communication, may be enhanced for these individuals who need to keep up with their busy lives while also managing their treatment.

At the same time, secluded locations provide a level of privacy often desired by those who want to protect their reputations in their personal and professional lives. This can also be a great benefit in that, when attending inpatient rehab in these private places, the individual can be more focused on treatment and less likely to be distracted by daily responsibilities at home.

Take Our Substance Misuse Self-Assessment

Take our free, 5-minute substance misuse self-assessment below if you think you or someone you love might be struggling with substance misuse. The evaluation consists of 11 yes or no questions that are intended to be used as an informational tool to assess the severity and probability of a substance use disorder. The test is free, confidential, and no personal information is needed to receive the result.

Rehab and Mental Health Treatment

Addiction is a complex but treatable disease that affects the brain, its functions, and human behavior.2 Many people who suffer from substance use disorders are also diagnosed with co-occurring mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and more. To successfully treat a substance use disorder, it’s essential for a rehab center to assess an individual’s various needs, as well as all of the factors that could be contributing to their excessive and unhealthy use of substances.2

This is why, in addition to treating substance use disorders, many luxury rehab centers also offer treatment for co-occurring mental health conditions. Medications and behavioral therapy can often treat co-occurring mental health conditions simultaneously with addiction.

Luxury Rehab Amenities

The settings of luxury and high-end rehab centers are enhanced by the varied amenities they provide, which may include:

  • Recreational activities, such as horseback riding, swimming, and tennis.
  • Meditation and yoga classes.
  • Exercise facilities and programs.
  • Massage and other physical therapy.
  • Catered gourmet dining.
  • Concierge and room service.

The small size of luxury rehab centers allows for more personalized treatment, often by high-profile doctors and therapists. They may also provide holistic programs, offering treatments that consider the physical, mental, spiritual, environmental, nutritional, and emotional effects that can support a person through treatment and recovery.

These amenities can be very attractive to those who can afford them. It can be tempting to enter a program simply based on these offerings; however, there is more to consider when it comes to substance use treatment.

The Cost of Luxury Rehab

The cost of rehab with luxury amenities varies based on the type of treatment you need, the location, length of stay, and other variables. Fortunately, many insurance providers will cover all or at least part of the cost of rehab. This, of course, depends on your insurance provider and individual plan.

Are Luxury Drug and Alcohol Rehabs Private and Confidential?

Yes, luxury drug and alcohol rehab centers are completely private and confidential. No one—not even your workplace—can call your rehab or your insurance provider and confirm whether you are receiving treatment unless you give your rehab specific permission to disclose this information to someone.

This is due to a special nationwide law called the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA). All rehabs must operate in accordance with HIPAA, a federal law enacted to protect sensitive patient information from being disclosed without patients’ permission.

HIPAA’s Privacy Rule protects individuals’ private health information while allowing for the necessary flow of internal health information within a healthcare organization. Information such as someone’s treatment, payment, diagnoses, and otherwise protected healthcare information cannot be released to or shared with anyone without the patient’s permission.  Rest assured that if you want to get help for your addiction discreetly, HIPAA and other privacy laws will protect your privacy and confidentiality before, during, and after you receive treatment.

What to Expect at a Luxury Rehab Center

Upon entering a luxury rehab center, you should expect certain protocols. First, you may meet with a treatment professional or intake coordinator upon entry who will collect valuable data on the state of your mental health, physical health, living situation, and more. This professional will also assess:3

  • Age, culture, and language.
  • Current employment situation.
  • General medical history.
  • General psychological history.
  • Financial situation.
  • Level of familial support/level of overall support from peers and family members.
  • Social needs.
  • Risk for suicide or violence.

With this information, the rehab facility will be able to determine your needs and design an individualized and thorough treatment plan for you. You will also likely meet with other treatment professionals, such as medical doctors, psychiatrists, and therapists within your first few days or week in treatment. Though all forms of treatment can prove beneficial for someone struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, high-end rehab centers will typically offer more enriching experiential therapies and extracurricular activities. Your stay at a high-end rehab facility may last anywhere from days, to weeks, and even months, but this depends heavily on the particular luxury rehab center that you choose, your needs, and other factors.

Quality of Care in High-End Rehabs

Comfort and service are only part of what defines quality of care for an upscale drug rehab facility. The other, arguably more important, aspect of treatment is the combination of treatment modalities that provide the potential for recovery from the addiction that required treatment in the first place.

The aspects of treatment that provide the highest likelihood of long-term recovery, as acknowledged by an article in the journal Psychiatric Services, are intense treatments that involve services focused on the substance or behavior in question and the psychiatric elements that contribute to addiction.4 These services are the hallmark of quality care.

These types of services are more easily provided through luxury residential treatment, where the person receiving treatment can remain focused and free from distractions and outside influences. However, they can also be effective through outpatient treatment, such as that which is often given to executives who must continue with their work throughout the treatment process.

Not All Luxury Rehabs Are Equal

The challenge often comes in figuring out which exclusive rehab is right for the particular individual who is selecting the program. Depending on the severity of the substance addiction or misuse, one rehab may not have the treatments needed to support long-term recovery.

As explained in the Principles of Drug Addiction Treatment: A Research-Based Guide from the National Institute on Drug Abuse, treatment that is more likely to lead to long-term recovery is tuned to a range of the individual’s physical and psychological needs, not just the drug misuse itself. Behavioral therapies, post-treatment coping strategies, and other research-based treatments are important aspects of any drug addiction rehab program.2

In addition, if a center’s focus is all on setting and luxury, they may not provide appropriate treatment to result in long-term recovery. When selecting a luxury rehab program, ask questions, including:

  • Do you offer medically supported detox services?
  • Do you provide a range of mental health therapy and support services?
  • Do you treat addiction for the specific substance in question?
  • What is the prevalence of peer support in addition to individualized treatment?
  • Are there provision of medical maintenance if needed?
  • Do you rely on research-based treatments over other methods?

Programs that use these methods, among other methods backed with scientific and medical research, are more likely to provide the appropriate level of care for the money invested into high-end treatment services.

Substance misuse is a mental health issue not limited to one group of people.

Individuals dealing with drug addiction come from all social and financial arenas, from the very poor to the very rich. As discussed in a study published on the U.S. National Library of Medicine website through the National Institutes of Health, drug addiction is often based more on factors like genetic predisposition, social pressure, and mental or emotional factors.5 As a result, there is a wide range of drug addiction treatment and rehab programs available for people from every walk of life.

When a person who is struggling with a drug addiction has plenty of income, it may be tempting to believe that finding the highest cost facility is a simple, straightforward way to find the best available treatment; however, as with any high-cost item, a high price tag may not always be the measure of the best care in luxury drug addiction treatment programs.

Aspects of Successful Recovery

Posh settings and amenities are one thing; they can certainly make a treatment program comfortable and luxurious—almost like a spa or retreat. However, providing rehab that results in lasting recovery is more than offering restaurant-quality food and recreation programs. Medically supported detox, behavioral therapies, and post-treatment support methods are essential elements of a treatment program that will result in long-term recovery.

Are There Luxury Rehabs Specifically for Veterans?

More than 1 in 10 Veterans have been diagnosed with a substance use disorder, the clinical term for addiction.Unfortunately, many of these individuals don’t seek the help they need because of limited access to treatment, gaps in insurance coverage, stigma, fear of negative consequences, and lack of confidentiality.However, Veterans struggling with addiction and mental health disorders can find treatment at facilities that offer Veteran-specific rehab programs and address issues unique to them, including (but not limited to):

  • Handling grief and loss.
  • Dealing with trauma and traumatic memories.
  • Returning to civilian life after completing active duty.
  • Military culture.
  • Post-traumatic stress responses.

Treatment facilities that provide Veteran-specific programs may also offer luxury amenities such as pools, massage, fitness centers, gourmet meals, private rooms, and more.

In fact, many of our American Addiction Centers (AAC) locations offer our Salute to Recovery program, designed specifically for Veterans and first responders who struggle with substance use and mental health disorders. Additionally, some of these facilities also offer private rooms, recreational excursions, equine therapy, art therapy, fitness facilities, yoga, meditation, Pilates, tai chi, and other luxury amenities.

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There are a variety of confidential, free, and obligation-free ways to get in contact with us to learn more about treatment.

Getting the Best Value for the Price at Luxury Rehab Centers

The key in looking for any service is getting value for the money spent. For those who are looking at investing in an upscale addiction rehab program, the luxuries provided are better looked at as perks of the program. The important elements—medical treatment and research-based therapies that are more likely to result in long-term recovery—are the basis for getting the most out of an investment in substance misuse treatment.

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