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Substance Abuse Assessment

Spend less than 5 minutes using our 'Substance Use Assessment' questionnaire to learn about the severity of your or a loved one's potential substance addiction.

The following self-assessment—and those that follow—are meant for educational purposes only. They are not intended to be used to self-diagnose any condition. Only a licensed healthcare professional can give a complete substance use assessment and diagnosis. Instead, these questionnaires are designed to assist you with examining your behaviors and the nature of your substance use or the substance use of a loved one.

Please read the following 11 yes or no questions carefully and answer as honestly as you can. Your responses remain anonymous and confidential.

If you or someone you love struggle with an addiction, let American Addiction Centers (AAC) help you find the treatment you need. Call us today at to talk to one of our compassionate , who can answer your questions and explain your treatment options. Or fill out the form below to get started.

Self-Assessment FAQs

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