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Providing Addiction Care and Information You Can Trust

Network of Treatment Professionals

Our medical directors and other clinical leadership set the standard of care for AAC facilities to ensure high quality treatment. Our laboratory/diagnostics leadership oversee Addiction Labs, conduct research, and develop products and services to improve patient outcomes.

Dr. Casey Green
Medical Director, Greenhouse Treatment Center
Grand Prairie, Texas
Dr. Dan Valentine
VP, Clinical Services, Laguna Treatment Hospital
Aliso Viejo, California
Dr. Dan Valentine Linkedin Profile
Dr. Howard Taylor
Laboratory Director, Addiction Labs
Brentwood, Tennessee
Dr. Lawrence Weinstein
Chief Medical Officer
Brentwood, Tennessee
Dr. Paul Little
Medical Director, Laguna Treatment Hospital
Aliso Viejo, California
Dr. Stephen Pannel
Medical Director, Oxford Treatment Center
Etta, Mississippi
Mark Calarco
National Medical Director for Clinical Diagnostics
Brentwood, Tennessee

Facility Leadership

The public health experts on AAC's facility leadership team are on the cutting edge of addiction treatment standards and best practices.

Ambrozino Storr
CEO of Desert Hope Treatment Center
Las Vegas, Nevada
Ambrozino Storr Linkedin Profile
Anthony Walters
CEO of Greenhouse Treatment Center
Dallas, Texas
Bob Hails
CEO of Laguna Treatment Hospital
Aliso Viejo, California
Bob Hails Linkedin Profile
Denise O’Connell
CEO of Recovery First
Hollywood, Florida
Jeffrey Hillis
CEO of AdCare Hospital
Worcester, Massachusetts
Marlon Rollins
Chief Operating Officer, Laguna Treatment Hospital
Aliso Viejo, California
Marlon Rollins Linkedin Profile
Missy Pollack
Alumni Coordinator
Hollywood, Florida
Missy Pollack Linkedin Profile
Tim Palus
CEO of Sunrise House
Lafayette, New Jersey
Tim Palus Linkedin Profile

Ethics Committee

As the ethical leaders in addiction care, AAC is continually reviewing its content, practices, guidelines, and standards of care. Our ethics review board provides oversight and sets the direction for ethical marketing practices.

Melanie Haber
SVP, Brand & Communications
New York, New York
Melanie Haber Linkedin Profile
Ruchi Dhami
Director, Brand & Design
New York, New York
Ruchi Dhami Linkedin Profile

Credentialed Medical Editors

AAC's editors review content, checking that the information presented is accurate and up-to-date, using credible sources for statistics and medical information.

Medically Reviewed Badge
Look for the medically reviewed badge on articles for information fact-checked by one of our credentialed medical or clinical editors.

Amanda Lautieri, B.A.
Senior Web Content Editor
San Diego, California
Amanda Lautieri, B.A. Linkedin Profile
Dan Wagener, M.A.
Senior Web Content Editor
San Diego, California
Dan Wagener, M.A. Linkedin Profile
Scot Thomas, M.D.
Senior Medical Editor
San Diego, California
Scot Thomas, M.D. Linkedin Profile
Sophie Stein, A.P.R.N.
Clinical Editor
Brentwood, Tennessee
Sophie Stein, A.P.R.N. Linkedin Profile
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