Alcohol Treatment, Recovery & Sobriety Stories

The story of alcohol addiction and recovery is different for every person. The following are real stories from real people who have been impacted by alcoholism and how they found themselves on the road to recovery.

Recovery Stories

Cindy’s Alcoholism Recovery Story

“My consumption of alcohol increased by the month”

Todd’s Alcoholism Recovery Story

“Going home I have nothing but … positive things to say about the experience”

Sandy’s Alcoholism Recovery Story

“I finally had to admit that I needed help…they’re giving us the tools to succeed.”

Kevin’s Alcoholism Recovery Story

“Daddy please don’t be drunk … it absolutely crushed me.”

Ben’s Alcoholism Recovery Story

“I was so wrapped up in wanting to do well or just seem like I was doing well.”

Kelli’s Recovery Story

“Pretending that it doesn’t exist doesn’t help.”

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