Am I A Drug Addict Quiz

Self Assessment Drug Addiction Test to Determine Potential Addiction Severity.

Spend less than 5 minutes using our ‘Am I A Drug Addict’ quiz to learn more about your — or your loved one’s — potential addiction severity. The following 11 questions have been designed and used by healthcare professionals. Your responses will remain 100% anonymous and confidential.

Please read the following questions carefully and answer as honestly as you can in order to determine any drug addiction problems you or a loved one may have.

Substance Abuse Assessment
Are you worried about yourself or a loved one?
Disclaimer: Only a medical or clinical professional may diagnose a substance use disorder. This assessment may serve as an indicator of a potential addiction but should not replace a diagnosis from a professional treatment provider.
Frequently Asked Questions

How Should I Use the Am I A Drug Addict Quiz?

The am I a drug addict self-assessment should be used as an informational tool and should not be used to diagnose a substance abuse issue. The quiz will indicate the probability and severity of a Substance Use Disorder based on your yes or no responses to 11 questions.

Is the Am I A Drug Addict Test Free?

Yes, the quiz is: free, confidential, and anonymous. There is no obligation to fill in your contact information to receive results. If you do decide you would like to discuss treatment options, there is a contact phone number where an admissions advisor can help you at the bottom of the results page.

What Questions Are In The Am I a Drug Addict Quiz?

The Am I a Drug Addict Quiz will present questions regarding your current drug use and whether use is interfering with your quality of life or welfare. The first 3 questions can be found below:
  1. Do you regularly drink or use other substances more than you plan to?
  2. Have you been unsuccessful at quitting drinking or other substance use before?
  3. Has your drinking or other substance use interfered with your personal relationships?